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How do I go about adding a folder to program files using nLite

I want to add a folder which contains a few applications (installation not required) and a shortcut to desktop and to startup.

do I have to package this with installshield (I would prefer not to)

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I have a folder I like to call "EXTRAS" in which I have a few post install applications and a few .reg files. I add this to the root of my Installation CD and the first thing I do when the installation completes is copy the "EXTRAS" folder to my desktop to be installed in the time and order I choose and then delete when finished. :rolleyes:

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You don't have to package anything with Installshield.

It's much easier to do by adding a few strategically placed folders in your XP installing folder before you make the img file. This way your files will be automatically copied to their destinations without any scrpting or anything.

See http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/18/ for explanation.

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