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silent install for powerdvd 7


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I'm trying to make a silent install for the program powerdvd 7. USSF gives the following solution which i don't understand. Does anyone know how to do this??


Unpack the monolith setup file with UniExtract or other extractor.

The unpack archive should be either .CAB based or .MSI based.

Next, only for .CAB based:

Record an installation with this

command:%wpipath%\install\apps\grafisch\cyberlink.powerdvd.ultra.deluxe.v7.3.2911\setup /r /f1"x:\setup.iss"

Now you can perform a silent installation with the iss

file:%wpipath%\install\apps\grafisch\cyberlink.powerdvd.ultra.deluxe.v7.3.2911\setup /s /f1"x:\setup.iss"

next, only for .msi based:

msiexec.exe /i setup.mis /qb

I have extracted the setup file, but i don't know how to record an installation.


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