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WPI 6.2 Column Display Problem

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When you have a Category of items that have more then 28 items in it, 29+ items requires a second column or more to display, the first column shifts to the right leaving a blank first column. If you have 4 display columns selected you will only display 3 columns on the first page with the first column blank in this error situation, the second page will display 4 columns. If the first column has 28 items or less for a given Category you can have a 29+ item Category after it and all is good. I've tried this in a clean WPI 6.2 environment using just a 53 item Category and a 3 column display format and I still get the first column blank with two columns of items following. This seems to be a problem with WPI and not my config.js file as I've done many tests with this thinking I had something wrong in my config file.

I tried to add all code to this thread but it must be too much as the thread blanked out so I have added an attachment with my config files.

  • This file has the Puzzles first which is 53 items and will show the problem occuring. This is a full 4 column 2 page display config.
  • This is the above config with Breakout first and problem goes away.
  • This file is just Puzzles with no other crap but will still display the problem.
  • Finally here is the useroptions file which really isn't necessary since I can copy my Puzzles config or anything else bigger then 28 items and the problems shows up.


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