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I'm starting a new project to speed up computers


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I want to create a small program of a pre-defined database of startup programs that slow down your computer. This program will stop bad software from starting immediately when you boot up your computer. Of course, if you need to use the program, you can start it manually. What kind of things, you may ask? How about Quicktime, Realmedia, CoolWebSearch, Bonzai Buddy, Zango, software updaters, instant messengers, printer tray icons, video card tray icons, any program that is spyware, adware, maybe even viruses or keyloggers. These are the things that make your computer slow!

Who am I looking for? Anyone who works on slow, spyware/adware/virus infested computers. Or if your own computer is like that. I don't need this from computers that run well. This project is to help fix slow computers. This will be freeware, so no money will be involved.

I will research everything I receive to make sure that disabling anything won't mess up good software. I know not to disable any AOL, keyboard hotkey, reminder software, some sound/video apps, or fax software. When I eventually upload my final product, I will list everything that will be disabled. Also, anyone who helps me with this project will get credit for their help (if they want - if you do not want credit, just say so).

I made a batch file that will export 2 or 3 parts of your registry (depending on if they have any data). First part will be what starts up on your current user ID. Second part will export what starts up for all users. Third part exports the services that start for the current user. Feel free to examine the batch file and the files it creates. You will see that no personal information will be in there. Only a list of startup apps or services.

What the batch files will do is create 2 or 3 files in the C: drive [go to My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > and find files called output1, output2, and output3 (some of them may not exist)]. Depending on how your computer is configured, the files may show up as output1.reg, output2.reg, and output3.reg).

When you have the 2 (or 3) registry files, email them to me at speedupourcomputers@yahoo.com.

Thanks to anyone who helps!


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I'd like to be the first to say that it sounds like you're on to something here. I am normally pretty good at guessing what is good and not good to be in startup\Registry Runs, etc and what I don't know I research with google. But a program like this would be nice. I'll be interested to see what you're able to come up with. I'll surely help by passing stuff along to you as I come along them.

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I'll be sure to use it the next time someones brings me a slow pc. I usually just use StartupCPL along with answersthatwork.com this will definetly save me tons of time. Your work is really appreciated.

Yes, indeed

I shall think about tips for your plans.

Tons of succes wished ;)

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