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  1. I'll be sure to use it the next time someones brings me a slow pc. I usually just use StartupCPL along with answersthatwork.com this will definetly save me tons of time. Your work is really appreciated.
  2. What should I keep so I can run "control userpasswords2" Every time I try to run it I get: Error loading netplwiz.dll the specified module could not be found. So what should I not remove?
  3. As soon as your computer starts. Start pressing F8 until you get a black screen with a bunch of options. Highlight SAFE MODE and press enter. When windows starts it will ask you if you want to do a system restore. Maybe it will work that way?
  4. Just do a system restore Go to Start >Programs > Accesories > System Tools > System Restore. When the new window pops up click Next then choose a day before or on the day you did the updates. That should hopefully fix your problems.

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