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I bought a HP 6599ee with vista home premium and I must say after getting used to it and adding all the necesary updates, it really does blow XP out of the water. Yes it does have a few teething problems but that is to be expected for a fairly new o/s. Just so you get the idea, I have been playing Supreme Commander on a notebook with all settings on max, that includes 8*AA and the game is running smoothly. Oddly enough I read an article about how vista framrates increase with AA on, so I tested it out and it really is true. I have not tweaked any settings in my vista and norton is running and I still get smooth performance. I am truly amazed. Just thought I needed to pass on the good word. In the future this O/S will truly fire on all cylinders. If I run into any problems I wil be sure to update this post. Be sure to download vista update KB940105. It made quite a difference to my games performance. If anyone has any problems with this update please feel ffree to post here.



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Same here!

After giving it some thought. I made the jump.

It's been 3 weeks now. I purchased Vista Home Premium (retail box), installed it on my main machine with all the newest Vista drivers and all is working smoothly. I was not easy getting the hang of it at first. After several years of XP, you need to explore to find everything again. The instant search thingy is really handy. All my previous XP programs and games work without a hitch despite negative comments. Acdsee 7 works, old games like Diablo 2 and Heroes 4 work. I don't see any performance difference in games like Company of Heroes or Supreme Commander. Note that i have a WEI of 5.3. :)

Of course some don't, like my old Norton 2003. Peferct Disk 8 needed to be updated but works. The only thing (hardware) that did not work, was my old AGFA scanner that i bought during the time of win98. It workd on XP but not on Vista despite having it "recognized and installed" in the device manager. I moved it to the XP PC that my wife uses.

Then again, It needed some time to mature. I remember the same sort of flaming during the time XP appeared and Win98 users where bashing it to the ground. It took some time, but some converted like my-self. It was the time for a change.

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supreme commander finaly made my machine lag slitely at the very end of a skirmish match, where both teams had all units maxed out and settings were all on full and everybody was attacking everybody else. That is not bad going. In the past i have never even been able to play a game with AA enabled, so not bad vista :) If your looking to get a new machine and O/S vista will not be a bad choice. The only real problem I have at the moment is that I am a sound engineer and most audio software does not support vista yet. Cant wait for reason 4 to be released.

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