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nLite 1.4 Final?


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I don't mean to be bothersome or rush you Nuhi, I was just curious if you had an eta for the next nLite release. :thumbup

I am having some severe issues with nLite 1.4 Beta that I cannot seem to work around for certain OS's and a few bugs you have confirmed will be fixed in the next release.

Also I will be receiving a new computer I ordered in late September and was curious if I should remake my Slipstream now or wait a few days.

Thank You! :hello:

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How can I know. It depends if there is something to fix.

What are those severe issues?

Many of them have been documented in the nLite 1.4 Beta thread:

+ Several tweaks do not apply themselves or apply themselves incorrectly


- SFC (Still seem to be having issues with it?)

- Startup & Recovery

The other issues I saw you acknowledge and said it would be resolved in the upcoming version. (From your various posts)

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