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Create IE 7 and WMP11 installation packages with their patches


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Hi :hello:

I would like to create installation packages for the following Windows components:

- Internet Explorer 7

- Windows Media Player 11

The problem is to add the necessary patches to both packages in order to keep up to date. That is, to slipstream the patches in the installation packages, not in the Windows installation source. When the user installs the package, this package must install the patches too. I know how to do this with a script (install every patch, one by one after installing the component), but my idea is to integrate the patches in the original installation packages.

Is this possible?

Thanks very much in advance.

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I can't help you, but I do encourage you to start off doing what you can. If you can make installers that first install the application and then automatically install the updates, that would be a fine start. If you could also by-pass any activation, validation, wga silliness, that too would be a nice thing to do.

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The IE7 thing is easy with nlite, its just slipstreams in, but I cant seem to get the wmp 11 to slip stream in at all, it keeps telling me it cant be slip streamed into it. Any ideas on the media player 11?

Search and you will find ;)

WMP11 Integrater can slipstream WMP11 into your source.

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