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Kaspersky 7 ( Kav & Kis ) unattended install Ready

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I have tried installing kis7.0.0.125en with the following method and it works fine

1- extract kis7.0.0.125en.exe to get the msi file ( I use universal extractor or you can run the .exe file amd get the .msi file from your temp folder - usually C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temp )

2- copy the .msi file to your test folder e.g. c:\temp

3- put your Kaspersky 7 License key ( if you have ) in the same folder with the .msi file

4 - run the msi file with

c:\temp\kis.msi /qb /norestart

this will install the application and will not restart the pc even the program will not start until you restart your pc

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yep, the 7.x installers support this method now.

If you want to include your license file, put it in the same dir as the .msi-file and Kaspersky will automatically use it.

Kaspersky-setup will not restart your machine and the program itself will not start, until you have rebooted, so finally an easy way to install this.

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