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Is it possible to use Bashrat drivers Post-Install?


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Hi. I'm wondering if it's possible to use bashrat's driver packs after windows has been installed. I essentially want something that will disconnect all unrecognized devices and reconnect and search for the drivers.

You can also check my program. It was built for that :) It's in my signature.

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yeah plz I need this answer too

coz I face alot of PCs with already instralled windows and have missing some Sounds or LAN drives and I don't want to format the windows, just I want to use the cool Bashrat Drivers Packs ;):) POST-INSTALL

http://www.msfn.org/board/Drivers_CD_Any_P...4_G_t70209.html --> as i said. Look at my signature :)

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I know but it's kinda difficult

I'll do what I can do with it

TIA ;)

It's not difficult :) Just focus on those settings only and leave rest as in example on first page.







Read information what those do and play with them. If you don't use packed drivers set drivers_packed to No and then you can ignore 3 next topsions and just focus on



RELATIVE means that if it finds my program on drive E (which is pendrive, cd, whatever) it will take "E:" and look for drivers on

E:\Pendrive\Drivers . Best would be if you unpack bashrat drivers straight on root dir. So then you would have like



And that would be enough for it to work i guess :) LAter on you can play with other options.

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