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Automounting an CD/DVD image at program run


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I was wondering if there is a program that can, on the opening of another program, mount an image (lets say an ISO) of a CD or DVD to a virtual drive and, when the same program is closed, unmount it again.

I would prefer NOT using a batch file if at all possible.

I would like this program to be free (if possible).

Thanks! :thumbup


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Hmmm, you need some kind of script anyway, batch is as good as any other solution, isn't it. :unsure:

You can write your own in AutoIT and compile it, however.

There is a script add on for Daemon Tools:


though I never used it and cannot say if it can do what you need.

Otherwise, I may suggest you the use of IMDISK:


which is easily scriptable, un batch, AutoIt or whatever and has many more uses coupled with a minimal footprint.


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