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Does HFSLIP Support Windows Home Server ?


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Hi all,

just wondering if HFSLIP can support this specific version of Windows Server.

It's a 2003 server SP2 source with some files in SVR_2003\i386\svcpack :









here's the content of the svcpack.inf stored as svcpack.in_:

Signature="$Windows NT$"


KB937108-v2.exe -u -z -q
KB936598-v2.exe -u -z -q
KB937253-v2.exe -u -z -q
KB937153-v2.exe -u -z -q

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In theory, yes, but some adjustments may be in order to support it properly.

Is there an SPX.CAT file in the I386 folder? If not, a WIN51XX.SPX file in the root?

Do the executables in the SVCPACK folder also contain the separated CAT files?

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Heres the DVD layout :

|-\boot\fonts\ some ttf files
|-\FILES\Install\i\pictures used by html files fro the -\FILES\Install folder
|-\REDISTR\dotnetfx.exe -> IExpress package for .net v2.0.50727
|-\SVR_2003\ folder containing 2003 "root" SVR Files (win51, win51il, win51il.sp2)
|-\WHS\ containing specific WHS files, copied during setup to hard drive
|-\windows\system32\qs.exe <- WHS GUI setup
|-\windows\system32\winpeshl.ini <- containing a [LanchApp] section pointing to qs.exe above

There's an SP2.cab & SP2.CAT in the |-\SVR_2003\i386 folder

Not CAT Files included in the KB.EXE, just _sfx_XXXXX._p files, _sfx_.dll, _sfx_manifest_ file containing no referecen to a cat file

Each KB.EXE contains also an update folder + an update.ver file

let me know if you want something else

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This source is modified with BCD and other things. If the SVR_2003 folder contains the original source, you should copy the content of SVR_2003 into the HFSLIP\SOURCE folder. Any other scenario is not supported by HFSLIP.

The hotfixes in the SVCPACK folder are non-public so I can't check if they are supported or not. Either way, they won't install if you leave them in the SVCPACK folder. Move the executables into HFSLIP\HFSVCPACK_SW1 (provided those are Type 1 hotfixes). You can remove the entire SVCPACK folder and the SVCPACK.INF file as well but that's not a necessity.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was looking forward to see what happened in this thread, but it appears to have died. :(

So I thought I'd try HFSlip on WHS RC myself.

I used my WinXP Pro setup as the base as I knew it worked well.

Heres what I've found so far:

If I add the Ramdisk files, setup fails on text setup. It can't find the files and setup fails.

After removing those files I tried again, with just two slight problems.

1. List.inf failed with an error message, but install continued after clicking OK.

And 2. Foxit Reader failed to install.

Everything else seems to have worked fine. :thumbup


I've added my .log file in case your interested in adding WHS to HFSlip.

If you need some more info, let me know. ;)


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