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Thomas Jefferson

Services provided for older photos and art

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I would like to give you some information about the services provided for our old and faded photos. They are,

1. Thumbnails and preview generation

2. Multi dimensional cropping

3. Photo Restoration

4. Reconstruction

5. Retouching

6. Colorization

7. Makeover of photos.

if anybody knows more services, just add them here to this list so that all the forum members can know them and implement for their own photos which are faded and older ones.

More information at http://www.fireia.com/services.aspx

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I'm disappointed in the quality of the gif looping on the home page, I'm also disappointed with inadequate examples. If you offer a service show quality close up JPG images of torn photos or faded photos, then show close ups of the repaired damage.

For all we can tell the damaged "original" was manufactured damage, and the reconstructed image was more like the original than the "original".

In my opinion, if you're trying to make a point, make it clear and unquestionable.

A suggestion... before we flock mindlessly to that site. Another msfn member or member(s) non-affiliated with that site should upload a decent color or B&W photo that has been damaged to photobucket or some other image hosting site. Then if the linked site want to show off their abilities they can use the photo(s) as an example... and not charge for the service.

Then the users here can get a better picture of the quality of service from that site.

As it stands now, I'm not going to step up and say send me your photos, since my services are free and that would compete with your business. But if those are your best examples, I feel obligated to intervene for the sake of quality for a paid service.

A friend of my parents paid to have a big collage of my Brother put together for his funeral. And even though the thought was nice, and I adore the efforts of my parents friends... I could not say the same for the company, I could not get over how s***tty the collage was. So I'm left loving it one moment and despising it the next.

I take offense to people charging for mediocre services, So please post good work, prove me wrong, shut me up, what have you... I don't care, this is to help the consumers out there not me.

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