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Silently Installing Games


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What are your thoughts on silently installing games?

Is it more hastle than it's worth?

I've not had very good experience trying to silently install games mainly because:

  • They're big!
  • They are not designed to be silently installed
  • You have to use something like AutoIT or an install monitor and repackage them
  • Personally I usually play the single player to completion then play online a bit then move on to the next one. Although there are one or two games I still play like Half Life 2. Maybe those are the ones I should silently install (but how do you know you're going to keep playing them!)

Have I missed something?

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If im not mistaken, Half-Life / Counter Strike doesn't need to be installed each time you reinstall your system .

At least here at home i just make a backup of the the entire (already installed) steam folder, then just make a shortcut to steam.exe on your desktop and you are good to go!

Couple of other games works like this too, like WoW or Ultima Online.

Maybe if you create a DVD putting the game folders on $OEM$/$1/Games/ you will have your games installed when you install your unattended xp dvd.

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