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Multi-Bay External HDD Enclosures

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Since you're only talking 3 users a MUCH cheaper option would be to simply purchase a regular external FireWire drive and attach it to one of your existing PCs. From there you can share it out for all users to access.

Of course, that's not the optimum situation, but it's better than nothing and cheaper than purchasing a NAS or building a dedicated file server. A Western Digitial MyBook Premium 750GB can be found for around $250USD. Should you decided to build a dedicated file server later on, you can attach the MyBook to it as a backup device. :)

I see, I'm planning to get me a separate enclosure & hdd, I think its much cheaper, but my only concerned is that they don't specify any drive size limit.Does that mean they support any size?

example would be this enclosure: Max4 Active Cooling it doesn't specify any limit drive size, so does it means it can be use w/ the WD 1TB hdd?

BTW, I can't get firewire for now, currently I don't have a firewire port.

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You can add a Firewire port to a PC when you have a free PCI slot.

I personally would not buy a 1TB hard disk; they are more then twice as expensive as a 500GB hard disk if not 3 times as expensive. Check out the prices ;).

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