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XP x64 SP2 and HD Audio Paradox


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Hi all,

I created an nLited XP x64 SP2, which works fine. Except for one thing: Under device manager, I have a yellow exclamation mark for the following device:

Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus

I am confused, and here are the reasons:

1. Audio works fine. It's a SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio. Drivers are integrated using nLite, and they work just fine.

2. This is supposed to be an issue addressed by patch KB901105, which is INCLUDED in XP x64 SP2, which is the original CD I am using.

3. Normal XP x64 installation from the original CD works just fine (ie. no excl. mark)

4. Manually re-installing audio drivers (ie. from the motherboard's driver CD) after nLited OS installation does not solve the problem.

5. Trying to integrate KB901105 using nLite gives me an error like 'This hotfix is not compatible with this OS'.

6. Trying to run KB901105 complains (properly) that there is no reason to install it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Looks like I am not the only one with this problem. I have a Dell M1210 XPS notebook using Sigmatel. The drivers are integrated and the sound works.

I also have another desktop PC with Realtek HD audio, again the drivers are integrated with nLite and there is audio.

In both cases, I am left with a yellow exclamation mark in my Sound devices. Upon closer examination, in both cases it seems to be Microsoft Kernel Echo Acoustic Canceller. If I reinstall the driver, it will find the driver for Microsoft Kernel Echo Acoustic Canceller but then the install will failed with the remark 'The device is invalid" or something to that effect.

I search high and low and tried different Microsoft patches but none work. I did not suspect that it is nLite.

If Nuhi can fix this, it will be great. This symptom seems to be appear in the last few versions of nLite. I am now using 1.3.5.

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Actually have no problems :) :

I have a Quad Core 2 Q6600 on a D975XBX2 mobo, so a SigmaTel HDAudio.

I have SP2 already slipstreamed in my WinXPx64 RTM (never do that with nLite; SP2 is the only clean source I use).

After that I DO integrate with nLite: Booggy's WMP11, a small QFECheck add-on, and a Dell monitor driver.

I moved the contents of the WDM folder of the 11/06/2006, 5.10.5258.2 driver into AMD64\$oem$\$1\Drivers\Intel\SigmaTel. I specified the location of that driver with the official MS method (winnt32 /unattend:%AnswerFile% or WinNT.sif).

After unattended setup everything looks fine and works :D .

Windows update gives one update to the 8/16/2005 Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio. It is funny that this was not included in SP2 :whistle:.

I think nLite integrates drivers much the same way as in the MS method; I make the split for practical reasons.

I guess the problems have something to do with the order of integration (SP2, SigmaTel driver).

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