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WDS on separate server to DHCP


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I am trying to support a network that is running DHCP on a separate server to WDS, I cannot get any client machines to pick up an IP address when I try to PXE boot.

Basically WDS was installed on the Domain Controller when SP2 was installed. Not knowing anything about WDS and with Microsoft kindly switching to WDS from RIS a bit of panic set in. In haste the network administrator I am trying to support removed RIS and now WDS on that server is not in mixed mode so the old RIS images are useless.

They have now set WDS up on a different server but I don't seem to be able to get it to pick up an address from the DHCP server and PXE boot to RIS/WDS. I have pointed option 066 in DHCP to the ip address of the other server and option 067 to pxeboot.com - but I am a little stuck and wondered if anybody else was running it successfully this way.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Andy (Morphears)

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Hey Andy,

I have WDS set up (having had it installed when SP2 was installed on my server) on a File and Print server. You do not have to enable any options in DHCP for PXE like you did in RIS for WDS. Just ensure that in the WDS MMC snappin, you have authorised the WDS box with the DHCP server, remove the PXE options etc from your DHCP server scope, and you should find that it all works ok.

Hope this helps.

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This is what I have set up.

DHCP.jpg is the scope options of the dhcp server

WDS01 and WDS02.jpg are setting on the WDS server (skbcmgmt01)

Also make sure option 66 is set to a hostname, not an ip adres (that doesn't work)

Hope this helps,





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