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  1. Does anybody know a quick and easy way to format all machines that are about to be re-imaged so that they don't create the windowsold folder holding all the old system settings etc. When we used to use RIS it formatted as part of the process, I assume there must be a quick and easy way to do this with WDS. Any info much appreciated as always. Andy (Morphears)
  2. Cannot see where in the MMC I can authorise, is it obvious? Sorry Andy
  3. I am trying to support a network that is running DHCP on a separate server to WDS, I cannot get any client machines to pick up an IP address when I try to PXE boot. Basically WDS was installed on the Domain Controller when SP2 was installed. Not knowing anything about WDS and with Microsoft kindly switching to WDS from RIS a bit of panic set in. In haste the network administrator I am trying to support removed RIS and now WDS on that server is not in mixed mode so the old RIS images are useless. They have now set WDS up on a different server but I don't seem to be able to get it to pick up an address from the DHCP server and PXE boot to RIS/WDS. I have pointed option 066 in DHCP to the ip address of the other server and option 067 to pxeboot.com - but I am a little stuck and wondered if anybody else was running it successfully this way. Any help will be very much appreciated. Andy (Morphears)
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