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Realtek HD Audio Driver - Vista Enterprise


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I'm currently having an issue injecting Realtek HD Audio drivers (R1.72) into a Vista Enterprise x86 LTI

The onboard sound is a Realtek ALC880 chip, I've added the driver to the 'Out-Of-Box Drivers' in BDD 2007, they get copied to C:\Drivers during deployment but Vista decides that its own MS HD Audio Vista RTM drivers are more up-to-date (or have better signing / certificates?) and thus the drivers aren't used, even when forcing an install of the R1.72 drivers with: setup.exe -s the drivers gets replaced on re-boot with the default MS HD Audio Vista RTM drivers ...

Has anyone found a way of forcing driver deployment in situations like this?

All other drivers I've added to Out-Of-Box Drivers (Nvidia Graphics, Realtek Nic, HP Flatbed Scanners) are deploying fine ...



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have you tried the latest versions? i just got the R1.79 release.

maybe there is some issue with that particular version or vista is doing something wrong.

i dont have unattended vista DVD yet (in the works! right now).

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i installed them that way too because even using pkgmgr to integrate them into install.wim didn't work. im assuming it is because WHQL but the strange thing (test up to 1.80) is that when doing manual or silent isntall, vista does not complain about WHQL on this drivers.

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will try your approach but so far pkgmgr is doing fine for my other integrations except this realtek driver.

Please let me know if you succeed ! :rolleyes:

This is exactly what i'm using

"%PROGRAMFILES%\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\peimg.exe" /inf=.\Drivers\Vista_R181\Vista64\*.inf C:\Mount\windows


I have Vista x64 & Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs R1.81

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