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"Program has stopped working" - BUT IT HAS NOT!

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Sometimes, programs take quite long to startup (or process something for a long time).

Vista interprets this as an application crash, and asks whether you want to close the errant program.

The problem is, the program hasn't crashed actually, and if only the dialog-box asking you to close didn't appear, the program would continue running peacefully.

There's no option for you to tell Windows to ignore the program & allow you to resume using the program.

I have tried disabling some relevant services (diagnostic ones that monitor the system), and looked for registry-policies that might control this dialog, and looked through gpedit.msc too.

A screenshot is attached below, error dialog is on left side, and program is running but "inactivated" by vista on the right side. There has got to be a setting to disable this action, whether unattended or manually.



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Well, this might not be a fault of the Integrator, because for all practical purposes its still running fine (and many other apps too).

This is actually seeming like an over-enthusiastic system diagnostic tool, monitoring for crashes but not quite identifying the status correctly, which can (and should) be disabled.

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This issue is fixed in v1.5 of the integrator... which I will hopefully be releasing soon. v1.5 has been completly re-written to take advantage of the latest benefits of autoit development. ;) It is fully compatable with vista and has some really cool new features.

Basically that error was caused by the way I was doing md5 hash checking. I don't know if it had to do with some sort of memory leak in vista or what. but I completly changed the method of md5 hash checking and now it works smoothly.

There have been so many changes in the code for v1.5 that it has been going through extensive beta testing. I want to try my best to work out any bugs before releasing it to the public.

Anyone who wants to beta test is welcome to sign up at http://siginetsoftware/forums and request to be added to the beta testers forum.

It would be an honor to have you there prathapml. ;)

Thanks for everything you have done for me in the past as well. :D

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