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slipstreaming all non publicly available hotfixes


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I've got nothing to do recently and decided to do this.

I've read somewhere here that if you slipstream more than a hundred? hotfixes, the xp install goes slow and my previous experience proves it. The install sometimes go too slow and doesn't seem to progress.

My question is: How do I escape this? And is the direct integration under nLite is the best way to integrate hotfixes? Also, tips and advices are very much welcome.

Also, I'll be using Xable's Update Pack as the base because, to my recollection, this pack have only publicly available hotfixes in them (I might be wrong). Also, I'll be getting the hotfixes from http://thehotfixshare.net/

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first thing is: is windows slow at startup or during normal operation? do you have sufficient hardware?

second thing: if you have a lot of hotfixes then it is possible that windows takes some time upon the first boot after setup

third thing: windows is slow! just turn off all unneeded services and all the bloat windows ships with, i do not have any performance problems over years using the exact same windows and pc! i have a fully nlited windows xp and it just works!

okay, i ordered a macbook now, so don't listen to me ;-)

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