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Small, simple games?


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Anyone know of some games (freeware or otherwise) that have low cpu usage? And yes, low cpu usage is the main criterium. Let me explain.

I have this laptop that is rather old, but perfect for surfing and typing and other nondemanding tasks, but the makers (ECS, SiS chipset) somehow managed to wire the fans directly to temperature sensors. How do I know this? Well, none of the temp monitoring apps work (they find only the HDD) and even on slightest increase of CPU usage the fans spin up immediately. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing (it works, doesnt it), but the fans are starting to show their age and are getting pretty anoying.

OK, this story is maybe a special case, but I bet many other ppl would like to employ their older hardware for example (or reduce electricity consumption or room heating or...). I googled a bit (and I'm no amateur) and was surprised to find that I could find nothing similar mentioned anywhere.

And I happen to like puzzle and other quick games (so I could multitask better and leave the game if necessary) :) and I've played quite a bit of them, but seems that no author is paying attention to this (you can easily judge if the game really needs CPU power or not). And I remind you, I can see (or better, hear) cpu usage immediately. The only game that didn't wake up the fans was XP's spider solitaire :) .

If anyone can suggest something, I'd be most thankful.


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Not neccessarily, depends, where the bios and roms were obtained. There are perfectly legal methods of obtaining both if you own both a Super Nintendo and 1 or games.

Other emulators such as PCSX2 for PS2 emulation have similar concepts.

It is only illegal if you download the bios/roms/discs without using either the original disc/cartridge/bios from/for the console.

The law may also vary from country to country.

Useful thread discussing this. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-54972.html, acoustibop comments are interesting.

Interesting point made by acoustibop is: do you really think Ubuntu would allow emulator packages into the repositories if they were illegal?

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Yes, I understand that. It’s like using things without permission could be illegal, like guns, but to distribute it or produce it isn’t illegal. Then there is reverse engineering and more, and like you said it also depends on the part of the world we are in.

(Just remember that this is an international board although the server is placed in one country, so we have to respect international laws.)

It’s a discussion that never stops and I know what you are thinking now: "Why did you brought up that point any way?". Well, it was just a general warning not to go in illegal stuff ;).

My younger brother has spent years on MSX emulators (search "vampier" and "MSX" in Google or so) by the way.

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