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fastest way to print screen and post in a free image host


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I often go through this procedure and I want it as much as automated as it can be

choose area of the screen with the rectangular

autopost it to a free image host service

any ideas? is there a program that can do it?


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Get Window Clippings and let it run in the tray. Press 'PrtScn' and double click on a window and it will automatically save a PNG of just that window. That will save you from copying, pasting, cropping, and saving. It will also clear the window background and if your using Vista supports Aero. The freeware version will work:


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I would like an imageshack quick method on this too :)

I use google.com/ig and have a widget for uploading the image to imageshack, but I still have to go through the steps of gathering the image's local path and use my web browser.

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