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v1.4 is botching my installations


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ive tried multiple times to install nlited versions of windows 2003 server standard and enterprise and they all give me the same error after nliting them (even if i dont remove anything, the original ISOs work perfectly)

setup was unable to initialize licensing components. the specific error code is 2

(from the setup error log) couldnt register the OLE control c:\windows\system32\netman.dll

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Brando569, you did a good job posting this error so Dino Nuhagić - Nuhi would put his mind to it and fix it for the nLite 1.4 non-beta version. Keep up the good work all of you beta testers out there! :thumbup

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edit: it is a problem with something i added in (idk what), because i just tried it with v1.3 and the same thing happened. can you tell me whats screwing it up? this is really annoying...

edit 2: its one of the updates i have added in. these are the ones i use:













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Was this problem completely resolved? i have just come across the very same problem and am trying to figure out what is causing it. I use RyanVM to integrate hotfixes (RVM2.1.11, then RUP2.1.11.13), DX9c (Nov07), IE7, WS57. Then I use Boogy to integrate WMP11. Now at this point I have a pretty fat install and it works. Next I use nLite v1.4 to trim it down and I blue screen during install with this error. any thoughts?

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