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Same App Different Categories

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Hi all,

History: I have over 200 apps in 7 categories with over 5000 users. I took this GUI program over about 2 weeks ago. I'm still a newbie.

I have the same app in three different categories. I've played with excludes and really don't like them. I find it best to assume the user has a third grade education level. If I use the excl[] method, and the user clicks on the app in category A he/she may not understand why they cannot click the check box for the same app under category B or C (Why they would try to install the same app twice is a mystery to me but I can gurantee somebody will try it!).

My preferred method would be to allow them to click on or select all three and once the install begins the app is installed only once and the code will ignore the second 2 requests.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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You could script the install to determine whether the application has already been installed and, if so, exit. My preferred scripting tool is AutoIt. I would conditionally run a few statements using "If - ElseIf - EndIf" to do the job, searching for an installed file unique to each app. If the file exists, exit the install and maybe throw a message box at the user reminding them that they are a picklehead. :rolleyes:

You can compile the AutoIt script so that it behaves like a switchless installer. And so much more . . .

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