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Europe Proxy Type Stuff?

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I am trying to play a game based out of Europe, and as you'd expect, they only allow Euro connections. I was able to proxy to make my account and stuff, I bypassed the proxy to download and patch, as neither of these require a login, but they claim if you connect from a US IP, they will automaticaly block your account.

What I am looking for, is a VPN to connect to a dedicated or high speed connection to Europe to play from. I havn't logged on via the proxy yet, so I am not sure of the connection speed, but I do know I ping about 160 to the proxy. The problem here is that obviously the proxy is going to have a speed limit on it, and, as with all proxys, could go down at any moment, requiring me to locate a new working proxy.

Does anyone know of a company that offers secure/dedicated proxys with uncapped/high transfer rates? Or a program that would do it for me automaticaly. I am looking for anything Euro based, but Great Britan would be better.

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