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[RELEASE] Sound Forge 9.0a Silent Installer


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Download: MEGAUPLOAD Mirror

I was wondering how to silently install Sound Forge a while ago, but today I ended up taking a closer look at it, and I successfully got it to do it !! :D

It's pretty simple, here are the steps:

* Double-Click the soundforge90a_enu.exe file and select a place for the file to extract the setup. The default location is C:\Program Files\Sony Setup\Sound Forge 9.0

* To install Sound Forge, your PC requires the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (vcredist_x86.exe) to be installed. This has been included in the setup files for Sound Forge. You can either install it from there (using the /Q switch to make it silent), or have it installed before this.

* Now, I had a close look at the Sound Forge install .exe and realised that even in silent mode, it will still install the Noise Reduction plug-in normally (not silent). So, the trick to keep this all silent is to install the Noise Reduction plug-in FIRST. Go to the nrpack folder and run the nrpack_enu.msi file with using the /qb switch to make it silent.

* After this, you can now install Sound Forge, the silent switch for the setup.exe is /Q

I ended up making a 7-zip switchless installer of this and I can confirm this does work perfectly!! :)

What I ended up doing was just writing a small DOS script, throwing it in the C:\Program Files\Sony Setup\Sound Forge 9.0 folder and just 7-zipping that whole folder. If anyone is interested, here is the DOS script I wrote:

@echo off
mode con cols=70 lines=2
title Sound Forge 9.0a
@echo Please wait while Sound Forge 9.0a is installing
vcredist_x86.exe /Q
cd nrpack
nrpack_enu.msi /qb
setup.exe /Q

I hope this helps out a lot of people as it helped me out heaps :D


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But how do I insert the serial silently?

Is there a way or can I only manually enable-register the program each time? :huh:

When all the commercial programs will decide to add good silent switches.. :realmad: (w Inno Setup for freewares)

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