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  1. Checking if this copy of Vista is Illegal?

    Just ran into this MS link http://www.microsoft.com/protect/promotion...vantage_us.mspx
  2. Checking if this copy of Vista is Illegal?

    Attempting to update a cracked copy of XP or to download specific files from MS download will take you to a MS website that offers to either sell you a valid copy of XP or provide you with a free copy of XP if you provide information about the seller. I'd likely attempt to upgrade or download hit the website and try to get the legit free copy, assuming that the offer has been extended to Vista.
  3. Windows 3.x support...

    Back when I did tech suport for Compaq computers running Win95 and later Win98, a large number of my calls revolved around getting Win3.x programs working on Win9.x. At a recent VMware Symposia that I attended, one topic of discussion was VMware's ability to run business essentual DOS and Win3.x programs that could not be run in later operating systems including Win9.x If it is a 3.1 app, it should run fine on a VMware, parallels or MS VirtualPC virtulised Win3.1 computer.
  4. Windows 98 in '08

    I run 98 as a VM (Virtual Computer) on my core 2 quad Vista 64bit box and on serveral Macintosh computers. Windows 7 is expected to be a hypervisor (small base OS for running VMs) with everything else running as VMs. So when I have 128 core CPU, 64 g memory and a 16g Video card, I'll still be running Win 98, Win NT and Win3.11 when ever they are usefull.
  5. Open Sourcing Windows 9x

    I have been involved in beta testing Parallels and VMware Virtual Computer software on my Mac. Both are now retail products. Both support DOS various flavors, Win 3.x, Win 9.x, Win2k, Win XP, Vista and a wide verity of Linux distros. Win98 runs great on my Core 2 Quad WinVesta box. It also runs great on my Mac core duo and core2 duo boxes. Win98 will also run just great in my future core 128 Gig box if I live long enough for it to be invented. VMware, Sun, Novel, MS and others either already have or will soon have small VM hosts that, are already being built into some server MBs that allow the Virtual OS to directly. A very large number of current servers are running various versions of NT, Win2k, Win2003, Linux and other server Operating Systems at the same time on the same box. The future is in Virtualized Operating Systems. Win 9.x can live in that environment forever.
  6. No suggested links work/All suggested links work Whether the links work or not seems to be a totaly random issue. am updating some VMware guest Win98 VMs and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. All I can suggest is to try again.
  7. [Question] - Icon Text Background colour showing.

    What do you do when that doesn't work? Or it does work in safe mode. checking and unchecking the "use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" does remove and add the boxes in safe mode. Alas it has no effect in normal mode. Re installing the video driver didn't work. Even changing from a Nvidia to an ATI Video card didn't work. Playing around with all the selections doesn't help either. Would obtaining a Plus Pack and installing new themes fix it?