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  1. I used that but it didnt work. As stated in the guide it doesn't work for everyone hence why I am using that little program to change the res.
  2. Where are people putting the command to change the resolution? I put this into the top of my RunOnceEx but it doesn't seem to work. 1365VidChng.exe 1280x1024x32@60 -q I presume it works for laptops too?
  3. I have looked in the main registry thread and used search so dont say use search next time.. I cannot find the registry entry to set the desktop icons to large when I use an unattended install. Thanks
  4. Whats FavouritesEX? Is it Internet Explorer favourites? If so does it place them all in the Links folder of I.E?
  5. Thanks for this. I woundered if there was a switch to hide the UI.

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