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  1. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    I fixed problem #2 by going into Folder Options and checking off "Launch folder windows in a separate process". That was disabled by a tweaking program.
  2. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    I love this!! But I have a few problems... 1. I use this with Classic Shell and Classic Shell will take longer to start up under the Windows 7 explorer. Not a big issue. 2. However, occasionall the Windows 8 Start Screen will pop up reverting it back to the Windows 8 shell and its Metroness. Is there a way to prevent this or do I just have to re-enable the Windows 7 shell again?
  3. Missing IE7 "Open In New Tab" Context Menu

    Is your Windows Explorer set to "classic Explorer" mode (no favorites menu in Explorer/My Computer)? I eventually discovered that switching it back to "normal" (with IE integration) fixed the tabs problem.
  4. Directx reporting wrong version

    I fixed it! I had to use Directx Happy Uninstaller to remove the faulty installation, install 8.1 then uograde to 9.0c. I happy now (until it happens again...).
  5. XP Tweaks. I did this to a friend's computer and it supercharged the speed. It's not for everyone, especially if you like the new XP Start Menu, but I thought I'd pass it along.
  6. Directx reporting wrong version

    Hey all! I originally found this forum for the Windows 98 SE/TE (Third Edition or Millenium) Service Packs. Great job so far as my old 98 SE computer worked better until we got rid of it. Anyways, for the real reason I'm here: I have Windows XP with SP2 so that SHOULD come with Directx 9.0c. Well, for asome reason dxdiag (and everything else) is reporting Directx 7.0. Has this happened to anyone? If so, how do you fix it (besides reinstalling Windows again). Oh, and I made customizations with XPlite and a few web sites if that info helps. If you need more info, just holler.