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  1. i've never heard of this setting before, but my guess is that it exists for monitor compatibility issues.

    i.e. to prevent unsupported rates you could lock it @ 60 or 70 hz

    edit: also a word of caution: if there is no hardware check on this setting you can probably permanently damage your monitor by using a wrong setting.

  2. How exactly have they be unreliable? I haven't had any troubles with stability or reliability with NOD32 ever since I started using it.

    well, i've reproduced a strange bug that causes nod32 to scan your 'A' drive on windows startup and shutdown. (even tho both boxes i reproduced it on didn't even have an 'A' drive, AND had AMON switched off) it's probably a known issue i'm just too busy to research it.

    it's the only problem i've ever had with NOD32 and i still highly recommend it.

  3. it's always come down to these 2 antivirus for me too.

    i've used both for a really long time.

    unfortunately, the newer NOD32 builds have been slightly unreliable for me lately.

    kaspersky 6 on the other hand has been rock solid for me. very very reliable. i would have released the final a while back ;)

    i think their speed & accuracy are comparable and i can easily recommend them both! as a matter of fact, they're the only antivirus i recommend to people.

  4. Anyone who would start off a thread listing McAfee and Norton as top quality products, should be just disregarded on everything else he said.

    Those two brands of software are the biggest Frauds on the market. Maybe on the planet. :no:

    As a working tech, I take that crap off of my customers' PCs all the time and improve performance by a quantum leap. It ranks right up there with viruses, trojans and spyware in my book.

    AMEN. preach on Andromeda!!! you always seem to be right ;)

  5. strange problem. i would try disconnecting the cd-rom drive and renaming cdrom.old back to .sys and see if it still happens.

    also, (and this is a long shot) sometimes i've seen strange behavior from windows when i use cable select on IDE devices instead of specifically choosing master/slave

  6. there's no magic way to produce detail from nothing. it's a mathematical impossibilty.

    i've seen a bit of actual forensic image analysis...and they don't use CSI magic. instead they rely heavily on viewing the image under varying contrast levels to better expose detail. they use software to darken or lighten shadows to make details more noticeable, not to produce detail that wasn't there before.

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