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  1. I've been an enthousiast reading user of this forum since 2004, and i Always found out what i needed to know. But now i seem te end up on a dead end street. When windows 8 came out i bought the upgrade license. The iso that i downloaded was burned on a dvd and that version i use to make clean installs. (i also bought several licences for all my family-members) for the computers in my family. For xp, vista and 7, i always used an updated iso, and even some of the unattended. But with win8 this is a *&^%$ to do. Anyway, being sick and tired of updating online (or even wsus offline) i wanted to update my iso. Since 8.1 was already installed i downloaded the 8.1 iso through the well known microsoft-trick. I did this with one of my legal keys, and with an generic key provided on a MS page. Both 8.1 iso's downloaded perfectly. These iso's install ok but i want to slipstream the latest updates into them. The 8.1 iso (as well as the Original 8.0 iso) contained the install.esd instead of an install.wim. When i use a program like winreducer my iso is recognized as an upgrade version. I managed to use my iso and convert its esd file to a wim file. When i replace the ESD with the WIM file it accepts the extracted map and i can install updates but when i make it an iso again, that iso won't install. So, where do i go wrong ? or is it impossible to slipstream into my version ?
  2. I try to avoid autoit as much as possible, although the result is the same i preffer a clean install process...
  3. I'm a dedicated reader of this forum for a few years, and this is my first request for an answer. After using the search and all available topics concerning resedit i can't find the complete silent install switch/methode for resedit 2.200010. Resedit uses the Nullsoft NSIS installer which uses the /S switch for silent install which he does perfectly but after the install the tool pops up a message with the question if i want to start it up yes or no. I even checked the processes to see which one starts up after install so that i can kill it but i can't seem to find any. Please help me out here. I'm not a noob so please no crap about search before you ask 'cause i did that. extra bonusquestion: AcdSee 7.0.43 PowerPack..(install's perfectly silent but doesn't seem to register my key. I used the SLL_LICENSENUMBER=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXX switch
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