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  1. Check out the new wallpaper. Read more : Here
  2. Hi freinds give a look to a cool Large size caseing . here
  3. Click Here to get the information about the LCD Here
  4. tell me wht type of image is shown. But the image looks good.
  5. AMD has Launched its new Processor ,Its is very good for gaming Read more : here
  6. Nintendo and Sony show off the new wireless, motion-sensitive controllers of Wii and PS3 to the E3 crowd and give a demo of the controller in action. > Watch the video of the unique motion-sensitive controller of Wii > Watch the final PS3 wireless controller in action So PS3 will aslo have the motion-sensitive controller but still Wii's controller is looking more attractive to me because of it's unique design. How do you feel about it? read more
  7. Thoosplayer Download Version 2.1 Build 201 Copyright © Thoosje. All rights reserved. NEW you can make it smaller now in the SKIN mode Thoosplayer 2.1 +NEW GLASS LOOK +Drop shadow +SKIN MODE +new menu's +new Pause Buttons +Bugs fixed in al buttons +Media Panel +Player list pane +new burning pane +lot of bug fixes from 185 Special thanks + to all my beta Testers: Flubberzz Butch123 ChickenBawk Sathel08 and lots more Thank u all for helping me + olivier Tristan for giving me resources i realy needed thanks Hope you guy's enjoi it Read more:here Snapshot:here
  8. Now the latest version of VLC media player supports Winamp 2 (classic) skins, which are thousands in numbers Read more:here

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