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  1. Ok there are good ideas for all!

    I're just read in some magazine good chance for cheap hi-end PC.

    It's branded machine from ASUS.

    ASUS Barebone VINTAGE1-AH1- ID1 + Cooler + CPU for 149.99 euro

    Ok lets go!

    motherboard: Vintage AH1,socket 939,FSB1000,ATI Radeon XPress 200,4xDDR/400 dual channel,PCI-Ex16,PCI-E,2xPCI,S/ATAx4,U/ATAx1,2x5.25",5x3.5",Gigabit LAN,8 channel audio,and this motherboard has TV-out to

    PC case: ASUS,300W black,silver (branded) forward panel:4xUSB 2.0,IEEE1394,1xMic,1xHeadphone,FDD (inside)

    Back panel of case:4xUSB2.0,2xLine in/out,2xPS2,paralel and serial ports,IEEE1394

    + Cooler ASUS K81A 8LB3/ID1

    + CPU AMD Sempron 3200+ 256k for socket 939


    Can 98SE work on this PC!? :}

    I know this machine is hell fast because it has FSB1000. :w00t:

  2. AMD Sempron 64 2800+ (s754) ... € 33,60

    AMD Sempron 64 2800+ (AM2) ... € 41,30

    Intel Celeron D336 BOX 2.80G (s775) € 44,90

    Intel Celeron D352 BOX 3.20G (s775) € 56,40

    In my country are theft in PC shops!!!!!!MY GOD! :o

    Please post me some price list. :hello:

    But Petr thats AMD CPU's are for diferent motherboards.Look at socket! :yes:

  3. I wouldn't buy the poor man's Celeron. If you want a cheaper CPU, go AMD.

    Pentium IV CPUs are expensive, but if you prefer Intel, then I can't stop you. Obviously, I'm an AMD fan. :)

    I think that AMD procesors are more expensive than Intel's because CPU ids are untruth. :no:

    Example some AMD CPU like

    SEM2400BOX+	CPU Sempron 1.67 GHz, 256kb + 128kb, soket A

    cost 82e

    but Intel's CPU

    CEL 3.2BOX-352	CPU P4  Celeron D 3.20 GHz 512kb, 533MHz, S.775

    cost 75e

    Here u can see that Celeron D on 3.2 GHz has 512Kb cache and Sempron on 1.67GHz has 384kb.

    But Intel Celeron has MMX technology and its good for 32bit system. :D

  4. So Petr it mean that,

    if I buy AsRock's 775TWINS-HDTV motherboard which has PCI-E slot,

    than can buy later for PC upgrades...

    100-714502 VGA PCI-E 256MB GDDR3 Radeon X800XL, All-In-Wonder, ViVO, PAL/SECAM+DVB-T, Remote Wonder, 256bit

    ...and get fully graphic support in W98SE again!? :w00t:

  5. One of your video card choices might be problematic. (ATI RADEON Xpress200?) I'm not 100% sure but I believe ATI stopped supporting Windows 98/ME after they released Radeon 9800 series. According to the ATI/AMD driver page ( http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html ), Windows 98/ME is listed as Legacy, and the latest GPU supported is listed as "Radeon 9800 series". Latest driver for Windows 98/ME is dated February 9th, 2005. There is also a selection captioned "Radeon series", but this leads to that same "February 9th, 2005" driver.

    There might be some 3rd party ATI drivers (enhanced/hacked/custom?) that might do the job. If not, there are plenty of nvidia cards out there for you.

    Thx for this adress Lunac!There is exist ATI RADEON Xpress200 driver for W98SE and ME!lol

    But driver is for integrated graphic chip on motherboard,not for standard graphic card.

    It seems that ATI RADEON Xpress200 is good for W98SE because it has fully support for

    DirectX 9.0c. :thumbup

  6. Or this one!? :huh:

    HT0A33405 HDD 320 GB 7200rpm / Ultra ATA-133 / 8MB

    P4-3.06BOX-524 CPU P4 524 - 3.06 GHz 1Mb, 533MHz, S.775

    775TWINS-HDTV P4, ATI RADEON Xpress200, S.775, SB7.1, VGA ATI X300, PCI-E, 4xSATA RAID, LAN, 2xDDR2 + 2xDDR, M.ATX

    512-667-TWI-200-U-08-H-5.0 DDR2 512MB 200pin PC-667/CL5 for NB

    512-667-TWI-200-U-08-H-5.0 DDR2 512MB 200pin PC-667/CL5 for NB

  7. Ok thanx guys for replies! :)

    After I were thinked about my necessity on PC...I can buy more cheaper PC configuration for my work.

    945G chipset is many faster than 865 but unfortunately win98se has not drivers for it.

    I can't buy ConRoe865PE motherboard but can some other with 865 chipset too.

    Does this combination can fully support W98SE?

    CEL 3.2BOX-352 CPU P4 Celeron D 3.20 GHz 512kb, 533MHz, S.775 82.00

    RC12D281TA-32BC0550 RC512 DDRAM 512MB 184pin PC-400/CL2.5 38.00

    775I65G R2.0 P4, INTEL 865G, S.775, SB5.1, VGA, AGP8x, 2xSATA, LAN, 2xDDR400, 6+2xUSB2.0, M.ATX 53.00

    [blueberry] CN-331BKS / Miditower Case 331, 300W P4, 2xUSB+Audio, ATX, 4*5.25", 2+5*3.5", Black/Silver

    MX6V080E0 HDD 80 GB 7200rpm / Serial ATA / 8MB 49.00

    Price is about 250e :thumbup

  8. Hi everybody!

    I am stanch user of Microsoft Windows 98SE for a last few years. :angel

    But my PC is very low configuration for current standard and I want to buy new. :hello:

    My buyers option for PC configuration is next:

    WD3200KS HDD 320 GB 7200rpm / Serial ATA II 3.0Gb/s / 16MB

    945GM3-F P4, INTEL 945G, S.775, Core2Duo Support,SB7.1, PCI-Ex16,4xSATAII,GLAN,DualDDRII677, USB2.0, M.ATX

    PD-3.4BOX-945 CPU P Dual-Core 945 - 3.4 GHz 2 x 2Mb L2, 800MHz, S.775

    TS64MLQ64V6J DDR2 512MB 240pin PC-667/CL5

    TS64MLQ64V6J DDR2 512MB 240pin PC-667/CL5

    100-714502 VGA PCI-E 256MB GDDR3 Radeon X800XL, All-In-Wonder, ViVO, PAL/SECAM+DVB-T, Remote Wonder, 256bit

    DVR-111Bk DVD +R/-R 16x,+RW 8x, -RW 6x, +R DL 8x, CDRW 40x32x32, Double Layer, Black, bulk

    [blueberry] CN-331BKS / Miditower Case 331, 300W P4, 2xUSB+Audio, ATX, 4*5.25", 2+5*3.5", Black/Silver

    LG L1970HR - flat panel display - TFT - 19"

    I want to know is there any chance to install Win98se on this PC to get fully or approximately hardware support? :unsure:

  9. Hello Folks,

    Just to add to my earlier post couple of things I overlooked:

    If you have more than 512mb of ram in 98se - do add to theMaxFileCache setting System.ini file




    Next if using a ATI X800 series card - DirextX9 must be installed.

    The vga card drivers comes with Dx9.0c. Therafter running in 32bit mode on 98se desktop is

    a cinch.

    Sorry for the ommission.


    I want to buy

    ATI] 100-714502 / VGA PCI-E 256MB GDDR3 Radeon X800XL, All-In-Wonder, ViVO, PAL/SECAM+DVB-T, Remote Wonder, 256bit

    very soon...

    So,can I install Win98se with these card and get 32 bit support...only with DX9c?

  10. Thanks xplorerUSA I're found it! :lol:

    It's inf instalers to gets some missing support in system.

    I didn't know for that files... :huh:

    For 98se is 98SEpreDX9.inf

    and for ME MEpreDX9.inf

    Cool!!! B)

  11. xplorerUSA thanx for good informations! :lol:

    Do u maybe know how to install lastest DirectX9.0c on Win98SE after installation with 98lite?

    I prefer to remove complete IE from 98se but it seems that DX9 need it.

    Is there some diferent way for installation!?

  12. U cannot copy explorer.exe from Windows because Windows is using it every time.

    Just try to exit in real dos mode.

    Example while boot your PC press F8 and then 5 to command prompt or some another way.

    location of explorer.exe is in c:\Windows

    if is your reshacked explorer.exe file is in c:\Temp

    than use this dos command in command prompt line...


    It's too easy job!!!!! B)

  13. I'm very confused about my TinyXP with SP2 integrated configured same like beast edition from experience.

    I have printers support by default nLite build but can't install driver for HP 5900 Printer.

    Always got a message for missing Sccbase.dll and Slbcsp.dll when trying to install full HP driver.

    Also i can install driver from inf file from HP's CD but than can't to choose printer from Control Panel.

    My scanner Mustek BearPaw 1200CU also can't to be installed.I have all drivers configured properly and my usb posts are ok.I know that because USB disk work ok.What to do!?Does anybody know?

    Please! :hello:

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