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  1. I have just buyed and tested 'Biostar GF7100P-M7S' work perfect with unofficial nVidia drivers.

    Integrated graphic is nVidia 7100 and chipset is nForce 630i.

    P4 3.2 GHz (64bit) s.775 fsb800 work also great on this board (on 32bit) and it has DDR2 with 800MHz!

    Only sound chip is Realtek ALC662 HD 5.1 and must have another sound card.

    This board is also very cheap about 40-50 euros.

    Fastest chipset,DDR2 800,GeForce 7100 with 600MHz core and 512 shared memory,very cheap seems that this is the best buy for 98SE lovers!

    I hope it help! :hello:

  2. Is somebody smart to make driver packages for all of us.

    Example to make:

    1. ATI_driver.zip (With last drivers and modiffied *.inf files to work under win98SE)

    2. Nvidia_driver.zip (-II-)

    3. LAN_drivers.zip

    4. ATI_Chipsets , Intel_Chipsets and more

    5. Sound Card Drivers etc.

    Who know here to work with *.inf codes? :hello:

    We don't need setups to install new driver!We can do it handy!

  3. Ok there are good ideas for all!

    I're just read in some magazine good chance for cheap hi-end PC.

    It's branded machine from ASUS.

    ASUS Barebone VINTAGE1-AH1- ID1 + Cooler + CPU for 149.99 euro

    Ok lets go!

    motherboard: Vintage AH1,socket 939,FSB1000,ATI Radeon XPress 200,4xDDR/400 dual channel,PCI-Ex16,PCI-E,2xPCI,S/ATAx4,U/ATAx1,2x5.25",5x3.5",Gigabit LAN,8 channel audio,and this motherboard has TV-out to

    PC case: ASUS,300W black,silver (branded) forward panel:4xUSB 2.0,IEEE1394,1xMic,1xHeadphone,FDD (inside)

    Back panel of case:4xUSB2.0,2xLine in/out,2xPS2,paralel and serial ports,IEEE1394

    + Cooler ASUS K81A 8LB3/ID1

    + CPU AMD Sempron 3200+ 256k for socket 939


    Can 98SE work on this PC!?

    I know this machine is hell fast because it has FSB1000.

    Yea I were bayed that machine!

    Now can't to use properly W98SE on this PC.

    I need help to know which support i can add and which can't.

    Motherboard is ASUS A8R-MX with bios for Vintage AH1 which is ready for Windows Vista but I changeg that version of bios with one from ASUS A8R-MX/SI motherboard(from Vintage AH1 v.0303 to CISNET v.0403),and it work great in WindowsXP.

    From my old PC I only use PCI MusicCard,Wirreless PCI modem and HDD with 20GB(ATA).

    I have 2 DVD burners but when install 98SE there is not any optical drive into my OS.Why? ***

    GraphicCard is amazing because I use 128MB of ram and it work on 400MHz.

    SouthBridge Drivers can't find for 98SE,any help please!!! ***

    Marvel Lan Work!

    SoundCard 7.1 can't use,any help!!!! :hello:

    Can use this drivers in my OS?Any sugest please...

    Asus Crosshair AMD Cool'n'Quiet Driver v1.3.2.0

    Realtek AC'97 Win98,ME,2000,XP Drivers v A3.96 (WDM)

    For now my 98SE is black hole! :blushing:

    Thanx anyways people! :thumbup

  4. Ok! but I don't need hard disk with SATA interface there is support for ATAx. :lol:

    So which hard disk is better!?

    HT0A33405 HDD 320 GB 7200rpm / Ultra ATA-133 / 8MB 103.00

    ST3320620AS HDD 320 GB 7200rpm / Serial ATA NCQ / 3Gb/s / 16MB 108.00

    ST3320620A HDD 320 GB 7200rpm / ATA100 / 16MB 106.00

    WD3200JB HDD 320 GB 7200rpm / ATA100 / 8MB 107.00

    Is there a lot of diferent stuff between ATA100 and SATA and uATA?

    Which is the best buy? :hello:

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