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  1. On Windows98SE and ME when tryed to uninstal IE 5.5 then you got system with IE 3.02.Try to get IEradicator.exe and do it.Your friend probably has IEradicator on WindowsME.Without IE in Windows system is more stable and faster. :hello:

  2. Thanx people for posts

    My leader is WinMSI which is the best one because it's open source.

    With WinMSI I can make or extract whichever msis without responsible knowledge about msi....Cool

    MDGx if you want links for MSI unpackers get this one from sourceforge.net HERE :lol:

    I can extract files from Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi also with

    Total Commander plugin for MSI which is available on www.totalcmd.net

    but these archivers can't help me to install DW.

    Check this information...!Maybe can help.When I extract main exe file then get a few new...

    1. DW_Client_Installer.exe

    2. english.pfw

    3. Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi

    4. MsiX.exe

    5. MsiX.pdb

    6. WindowsInstaller-KB884016-v2-x86.exe

    In Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi is another install cab file,which is no good.

    Contents of that cab is intermixed with install scripts to write registry references...

    I'm bad lucky guys!!! fk.gifwacko.gifwacko.gifwacko.gifwacko.gifwacko.gif

  3. I use Total Commander for all and have registry plugin for its.

    I don't need regedit because regedit hasn't enough options for registry editing.

    Regedit is much slower for fast registry searching and editing than my plugin

    in Total Commander...

    Plugin can be downloaded from www.totalcmd.net .Enjoy!bl.gif




  4. Thanx erpdude8!bj.gif

    PROBLEMCHYLD why you don't try to install MSXML 3.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5) MSXML3.DLL...

    I think that MDGx has that update in his site...

    Seems to be that it's the lastest xml update before IE7.

    It is the best for system administration to work when you're offline,but for web browsing

    install Opera because it's fully xml based browser...

    Opera has support for wml pages also that u can surf on mobile sites(W@P)...

    I hope that u understand what i want to say...bl.gif

  5. Hi,LLXX thanx for trying...az.gif

    I have installed KUP2.5 on my Windows98SE already...and try to start msi

    installer from main package...


    It seems that I need some NT based MSI installer on 98SE...

    Probably is possible to run Dreamweaver on Win98SE with KUP2.5 as you say...

    But how to install Dreamweaver into my system...

    With totalcmd I can open MSI package and than is rock-n-roll...

    I don't know anything about inside msi structure.

    There must be some another method to install Dreamweaver ...

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