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  1. Hi Guys,

    I've been playing with Hyper-V and I've got a question I'm hoping someone can answer :)

    If i have 2x servers [e.g. Web and FTP] running as Virtual Machines, in an Internal Network in Hyper-V.

    If I forward ports 80 and 21 to Server2008 can I have it forward/re-direct the ports to the individual servers on the Internal Network ?

  2. @valter,

    I think Virtual Server is being replaced by Hyper-V.

    And theres loads of people that don't like VMWare.

    Having said that, theres loads of people that don't like Virtual Server / Virtual PC either. :)


    Isn't Hyper-V going to be availible to all the 64bit versions of 2008 Server?

  3. @Archigos,

    I won't discuss editing the 'setupp.ini' file here as I think its agasint the forum rules.

    But I'd use the 'setupp.ini' from the orignal machine along with the OEMBIOS files and winnt.sif collected with the scripts. As they all come from the orginal machine they should all work. ;)


    If by "assembled pcs" you mean PC's that you or someone eles have assembled.

    You can't pre-active them.

    You can only pre-activate pre-assembled OEM machines bought from 'Royality OEMs' like Compaq, Dell or HP.

  4. You can take both CD and turn them into a DVD without editing any files. If the 2nd CD is in the same disc as the first it just works.
    Yep, just make sure you copy ALL of the files from the 2nd CD.

    In fact you can add the 2nd CD from the 'Tablet Edition' too, that way the one disk can install either WinXP Pro, MCE or Tablet Ed. Depeneding on which CD Key you use, but bear in mind this causes problems when making a 'Fully Unattended' [including Apps, Utils and Patches] install CD/DVD.

  5. Hi ZenCoder,

    I can help out alittle bit.

    1) Is there a way to try a different OEMBIOS without reinstalling Windows XP?
    Yes, I personally use Knoppix but any live Linux CD will do.

    Basically move the new OEMBIOS fileset to the PC. Boot from the Live CD. Copy the OEMBIOS files to the correct folders overwritting the old ones. Reboot into Windows.

    If all went while the WGA stuff will disappear and Windows will be activated. :)

    2) If not is there an easy way to see if an alternative OEMBIOS will work so I don't waste time trying another wrong OEMBIOS set?

    3) I tend to use the same SLP key for each version of windows. Do you think this might cause problems down the road. Think Microsoft will someday decide that I am using an HP XP Home SLP key for a Dell XP Home OS and decide to label the system as pirated?

    I'll leave these two to for the guys who understand this better than me. B)
  6. Hey Axl,

    I don't think your idea will work.

    As WinXP uses [i believe] 5 types of CD Key, all of which work on the 'Type' of disk i.e. OEM, Corp. or Retail and not the manufacturers string.

    I've got a multi-boot disk that does some simular.

    It has 11 OEM Branded install disks on one CD.

    I choose the Manfacturer from the boot menu, add the CD Key from the COA when it asks and sit back. Although the systems need to be activated after install, but thats an advantage to us. ;)

    Theres plenty off info in the multi-boot section.

  7. Why is there a Gatewa & Gateway? If just ACER is used in the ini, then will oemscan match it to AcerSystem in the bios?

    As Severach said in his answer, there are multply OEMBIOS sets for each OEM. Some are clearly newer than others as we've had problems with SP0 sets in SP2 installs. My guess is the Gateway sets were made at different times and for different systems.

    On a slightly different topic. ;)

    Has anyone had a play with Windows Home Server yet ?

    Does it use this method to pre activate or the Vista method ?

  8. i called MS to activate but they couldnt tell me how to change my key to the COA key that i have on my system
    Even if this was possible and the guy kenw how to do it, he couldn't tell you. Without lossing his job.

    I don't know if this would be classed as piracy, but it would definitely violate your licence agreement.

    it doesnt help that everytime i called MS that i get a foreigner on the phone who is so anxious to just hang up on me
    If you were asking me to put my job on the line. I'd be trying to hang up on you.

    But then again as you can see by my nationality on the left, I'm a foreigner too.

    they said i have to contact dell on the issue.
    As you said in your post, you bought this PC [and its OS] from Dell. So they should really be the people your talking to. Because they're the ones that took your money.

    But no company is gonna tell you that outright.

    The only way your gonna solve this is to get/find/buy/borrow/steal a Genuine Dell or Holographic OEM CD. As thats the only disks that will accept your COA number.

    That may not be the answer your after, but its the right best your gonna get from this foreigner. ;)

  9. Hi TwoJ,

    I don't think theres any problem with hosting or sharing the OEMBIOS files, as the Mod's here at MSFN looked into it over the OEM Pre-Activation threads, and said they were OK to post.

    The SLP keys on the other hand would get us and whoever hosted them into trouble, so its best to leave them out.

    As for the oobeinfo stuff and the script to collect them, that maybe helpful to some people, but they're of little use to me as I refurbish and setup systems for local groups and charities. So the OOBE isn't that important, I just add the OEM logos, info and wallpaper for fun. :)

    [Hence there the only files I've collected]

    If I remember right. FreeStyler was working on the OOBE files in one of the Pre-Activation threads.

    He might have some you could add ?

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