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Status Updates posted by Tripredacus

  1. Updating to new Advantage steps

  2. fixing Office 2010 install

  3. Get well soon, Japan! :(

  4. ooo how to automate imagex and gpt

  5. sp1 recovery finished

  6. Recovery time again

  7. Imageshack has changed policy I thought

  8. anyone interested in yahoo fantasy baseball?

  9. new car better than old broken car

  10. my car broke. time to get a new one

  11. working on Win7 SP1 with WDS

  12. everyone should use the magic printers

  13. ok it can be spring as soon as possible please

  14. developing self building apps

  15. twist of fate, storm missed me

  16. i'm actually getting tired of winter but i like driving in snow

  17. Cloud Word saves the day!

  18. howdy ho! coming back soon!

  19. blah windows protection error!

  20. Nooo I want the old skin

  21. look at the Windows Tips and Tweaks section

  22. keeps getting pulled back in

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