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  1. Official Nvidia Forceware 61.76 WHQL

    Ever since the late 50.xx drivers, I've never been able to get the nVidia drivers to install correctly using the OemPnPDriversPath option - the files seem to copy and what not, but Control Panel is missing. I know one issue I've seen as of late is that the chipset (mainly GART) drivers don't appear to be completely be loading properly even though they're the first in line - I find I typically have to re-run the ForceWare install go get a few devides installed properly.
  2. Formatting SATA drives

    The only downside I've found to Ghost is that while it can typically read NTFS partitions, it doesn't work with all controllers out there. On my IC7-G, it would read the ICH5 drives fine, but had issues with anything on the Silicon Image (or maybe the controllers were switched - either way Ghost would only read one of the controllers drives).
  3. Formatting SATA drives

    Depends how you formatted the drives previously - if they're formatted FAT/FAT32, you shouldn't have problems accessing them from the Command Line. If they're not accessible, then you likely formatted NTFS and the only way to access them then would be the use of something like NTFS4DOS, which allows you to mount NTFS partitions from a DOS environment. Unfortunately, NTFS4DOS is shareware and the free version only allows read access, not write.
  4. I could only assume so, if it's the same version, etc. - here's a timestamp/filesize of the files I have under the SP2\Update folder : 02/27/2002 05:58 PM 4,092 eula.txt 09/02/2003 11:59 PM 19,131 KB826939.cat 09/17/2003 01:19 PM 22,016 spcustom.dll 09/17/2003 01:17 PM 568,320 update.exe 09/02/2003 11:50 PM 47,065 update.inf 09/02/2003 11:23 PM 2,652 update.ver
  5. Didn't realize you'd already had read through the link - but when I run the patch as implied there, under the "update" folder under SP2, I have the following files : eula.txt, KB826939.cat, spcustom.dll, update.exe, update.inf, update.ver
  6. http://www.MSFN.org/articles.php?action=show&id=38
  7. Nice article..but how about the text? I can change the text, but I want to change the color and font...how can that be done? http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=70&t=8696
  8. Just did a Windows Update and happened to see KB828749 - Releseased Nov 11, 2003 now - Yet ANOTHER remote code execution flaw for Win2K / XP... *UPDATE* Silly me, just noticed that it was noted on the MSFN homepage - almost always head straight for the forumns