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  1. I am (unfortunately) happily experimental, so sign me up with my fellow Beta Lemmings & I'll jump right in... It does appear, however, that U planned to release this week sometime (as per your post)...
  2. SATA drives are still problematic oftentimes for Windows setup (many of my hardware builder friends are still steering clear of them, instead opting for next best performance solution of 16MB cache 7200RPM IDEs)--but I have had better luck with the newer SATA IIs, especially Seagate's newer perpindicular component models (otherwise, I'd go for the Spinpoint Samsungs or the Western Digital SATARAID models). I've definitely seen better-quality (and locking) SATA cables stop blue screens, too--so look at the cabling and only use highest quality. Also, I've found that just changing the type of R
  3. @TUX: good link. I have to say, I grow weary of the long-winded manual solutions soon after I learn them, and know exactly what they're doing: one of the easiest do/undo methods of a lot of these (and related security) settings is to just use the free, executable-only, no-install SafeXP (whcih also works for 2K3, too, I might add)--you can tick the one-page interface of boxes ON/Off at your discretion (as well as make a default backup setting). But it would be nice to be able to use the Repair function without error, yet have all this crap essentially disabled--but I haven't figured out ho
  4. Just a thought: Latest NVIDIA seems, of late, problematic at best for driver integration, especially for ethernet, and I don't no why: no matter what, I've found I almost always have to put the mainboard CD in post-install, even though I integrate all the drivers beforehand--I suspect order-of-integration issues that prevent full install during unattended builds. I've just come to accept this as fact of recent nForce MBs XP builds (whether, ultimately, it's an issue with new nForce chipsets themselves, or something else I take out that prevents the chipset full inegration--with respect to n
  5. The "blackscreen" problem is well-known and discussed over in the RyanVM forum: http://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=28666#28666 ... so maybe adding that to this exploration might give us some more clues (I've only experienced it with 2K3 R2, mysteriously enough)...
  6. @Sesshoumaru: btw, do you remove TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service? and do you have File and Printer Sharing NOT installed?
  7. @Sesshoumaru: can you do a network support repair without error on XP?
  8. @Camarade_Tux: maybe we need a new thread--most of my recent builds, real or VM, suffer that weird new error (try right click on netwrok icon and doing a repair--ouch, oops, there it is, predictably). Thing is, I've always removed or disabled the components related to this, yet had no repair problems with errors. Mysteries abound, yet again. Let me know what you find. Thanks.
  9. Although last couple of installs seemed relatively flawless--except for the noted bugtrack list, which still stands (sorry I haven't updated it lately--I've been REAL busy)--I've seen some mysterious memory reference and runtime errors being generated by a variety of programs, seemingly randomly at first, but also escalating to the point of regular annoyance (and even rendering a couple of applications unusable). If anyone else has seen this, please report it: otherwise I'll just dismiss it as a couple of build anomalies--but if it is starting to happen regularly, it's not going to be fun tr
  10. Most likely will add more to list tonight (one example, extended: this time NET 2 joined NET 1 as a downed soldier in the customization fight: neither installed, even though the popup screen indicated that they were installing ... another example, extended: logon weirdness again confirmed: if I check auto-login; change the Admin account; change the User account that, supposedly, auto-logs-in--nLite will not change the Admin account, does not create the User account, yet tries to auto-login with that absent User account, which creates the incorrect log-in error, from where I have to change
  11. Namor is correct, as far as I can remember for all recent builds: Common Tasks seems to always be enabled for me (even though I don't want that way)--and I always tick to have classic and tick to have no common tasks. So, yeah, somthing is awry here. N.B.--my last install was SO screwed up (for whatever ephemeral reason) that I'm not even going to bother upping any files: I don't want to create untold chaos!--so I'm rebuilding again tonight. (I suspect medium errors and such when it's this severe.)
  12. Tux: touche! Choice is the key to ultimate bliss.
  13. Correction: My hardware builder said this was not ASUS, but a peculiarity in a MSI board because of a faulty BIOS--flashing fixed it.
  14. Nuhi: if I were to have problems, what would they be? (I presume you were addressing me...?) It's just that I've always done this. Well, here's the latest variation in mthof: I'm using the update to Aserone's add-on, which covers both the SFC and the OOBE as hacks, so I'm not using the actual SFC disabling in the nLite interface (because it was producing similar problems that people were having above)--so it's a twin add-on hack. Yet, I leave the toggle for SFC in nLite Enabled ... Would you consider this incorrect? It's the only compromise I've come up with, for now, that seems to not
  15. The ASUS point is important: and, if I'm not mistaken, there's some that require you to have SATA enabled in the BIOS even if there are no SATA drives (I'm almost sure this was the case on recent board I worked on--which, after pulling my hair out, turned out to be a simple, but non-intuitive, BIOS setting)... User beware!
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