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  1. CPU TROUBLE! please help asap!

    I don't know... hopefully you didn't get a relabeled/rebranded CPU (looks the same as what it's labeled as). I'm curious, what make is your MainBoard? Have you verified that your mainboard supports the processor you're installing into it? If so, have you tried updating the BIOS first? Perhaps the BIOS you have on the board currently is unable to properly support the new CPU through the AUTO settings. I have a chaintech 6AIV mobo. I tried updating the BIOS but when I download it and click run, nothing happens. call me a noob but, i dont know if I know how to update the BIOS. please help.
  2. CPU TROUBLE! please help asap!

    i got my cpu from ebay, in working condition. so im sure its not the cpu. unplugging everything wont work either. cause my computer works with a pentium 3 cpu.
  3. CPU TROUBLE! please help asap!

  4. Painting the inside of my case

    wow your case is sexy. its not as good as better than mine! be careful dude. take out all your stuff like mobo, HDD, etc. before you paint. good luck.
  5. Post Pictures and Specifications of your computer here!

    Intel Celeron 1.2 GHZ CPU 15 GIG HDD 52x24x52 CDRW + DVD ROM Floppy Drive 400W Power Supply 4 MB Onboard Graphics chip - Soon to upgrade to 128 MB! (I don't game on my PC much anyway) Win XP Pro Service Pack 2
  6. CPU TROUBLE! please help asap!

    i did all of that and still doesnt work. the FSB jumpers are set to auto
  7. CPU TROUBLE! please help asap!

    ok, so I just got a cpu, (intel celeron 1.2 ghz socket 370). and i put it in alright, and the jumpers are configured. so, i turn on my computer and it powers on. but does not boot up. i press the power button and it stays at a black screen, i dont even get the bios. my motherboard is a chaintech 6AIV. could someone tell me what to do!!! please. thank you!