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  1. [Help] remote desktop in windows xp-sp2

    try d/w from the net !!
  2. Screen goes blank, all windos closes

    Hi All I got Presario desktop with 200GB HDD (SATA), Athlon 64bit processor and 512mb of RAM. The problem is i am able to boot to the desktop and am able to work on my computer. At times when i get into D Drive to access some pics, the monitor screen goes blank for some 10-15sec and when it comes back i find all the windows which were open to be closed and i just keep looking at the desktop. This happens at times and not always...Can anyone tell me why is this happening, is it because the RAM is faulty or is it something to do with the HDD. I have done a Non Destructiver recovery on my computer as well, but it dosen't help as well. I just have the norton anivirus running on my comp and i don't want to disable it also..please help..... PS: i got SP 2 installed on my pc
  3. tv tuner doesnt work

    Check with the card dealer or in the webite if ur card is supported in MCE. As far as i know most of the hauppague cards work fine with MCE. Almost all HP Mc PC's are shipped with the hauppage cards .
  4. tv tuner doesnt work

    Check the link below for further information http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/broadcast.mspx
  5. tv tuner doesnt work

    As far as i know you will require the BDA drivers to get the Tv Tuner card recq in MC, coz Mc uses the BDA drivers so just check with the Hauppage website if the card has any BDA Drivers !!
  6. Can i exit MCE Using the remote

    Bump !!! Anyone !!

    Don't call DELL immediately, they will ask u do a system recovery on ur PC. u can try a BIOS Defaults, system restore if u are able to boot to desktop..all the best !!

    i don't think its a Media center issue, why don't u try to get into recovery console (if u have) and run chkdsk /r. Or next time when u boot up get into msconfig and enable only the bootable files, and disable the rest !!
  9. Hi All Is there any way i can exit out of media center and come back to the desktop using the remote which came with the unit ?? pls help
  10. Try installing the rollup emerald . Think that should take cxare of the issue
  11. ya enable HT in Bios , that should do the job for you !!
  12. Upgrade To Xp Or Stay Me?

    U forgot to include Vista !! i guess its time to upgrade to VISTA but XP for sure
  13. Thanks Nitro something new for me as well !!
  14. but how would that help him ???. What abt the resolution have you tried changing it ??
  15. @Panther, i guess we can use the remote of the mce to change channels on the comp, coz for that i have the IR Controller connected to the receiver of the set-up box. Can u gimme some updates on the 3rd party s/w which can be used to exit out of MMC using the remote !!! @panther i used the Houppage TV Tuner card with Radion video display..