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  1. rats....I didnt realise that MCE had minimum system requirements, i just thought that it has hardware requirements for gfx, sound and tv tuners. I have searched microsoft.com for sys requirements but i cannot find any. Can anyone help?
  2. Just installed MCE 2005 on an old hp Vectra 933mhz. I have 256mb ram and nvidia club GeForce fx5200 128mb graphics card. In the normal xp window every thing is fine, just a little flickery using the s-video output to TV. When switched to the media centre mode the menues are completely illegible. Horizontal black lines cross the screen and white lines shoot accross the back ground in all directions. When you scroll through the menus the whole screen flickers and re-draws itself and jumps all over the place. When watching a dvd every thing is fine as are the online features. Its just the main menu's, pictures and music screens. Its the same on both monitor and tv. The PC's PSU is only 120w, could this be a the problem?

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