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  1. For 95% of stores prestashop is definately worth a look Otherwise for a nice commercial system check out CS Cart
  2. Boot Windows 7 from VHD - an amazing concept

    Does this mean we can setup a software raid 0 in windows, then install windows 7 to a vhd disk inside that software raid 0? as of now its impossible to install windows to a windows software raid / dynamic disk setup

    This device is used a lot for high gain wifi. For an idea on my balcony I pick up 4 Wlans with my laptops Intel 5300 chip. With the alfa 500mw I pick up 16. See Here
  4. Quite simply, no its not legal. Its against the Microsoft EULA to transfer software in such a manner. You'd still need installation media. If the PC's came with a legit licence with serial keys you could use it however it would still be against microsoft EULA and you may have problems activating it. "transfering" will not work and without a licence is simple illegal.
  5. Antivirus for linux

    i'd use clamav or bitdefender, linux version. Linux itself is not to succeptable to viruses, however if your on a windows network or sending emails to windows machines its nice to know your not "virusing" them. So most linux AV's dont run on demand unless they are told to. If you are using kmail as your mail client it has av detection and will autoscan messages. You can use these AV's to remove viruses on a windows NTFS partition is you are using the NTFS-3G driver. Otherwise... in a linux only environment using webmail dont worry
  6. Which File Extension Are You?

  7. Region Codes

    Hey I'm writing a little app that generates the region part of the winnt.sif file so that before setup it will present the user with an optional dialog box that disappears after 30 seconds with the option to select their locale settings, if they dont it just assumes the defaults. As nlite has the option in it to choose the regions i'm asking how nuhi generated the list of possible regions and their relevent codes. Thanks, Tom
  8. Multiple users at the same time on one PC?

    Have you considered running a form of terminal services? There are loads of companies offering it, none free however. An interesting one is XP Unlimited http://www.xpunlimited.com/ It enables an xp machine to become a terminal server. You could then just get a junk machine P133 or higher and connect using remote desktop, the users won't really know any difference. At 112€ for 5 concurrent connections its quite cool. There is also winconnect server xp that does the same thing at $300 for 3 licences http://www.thinsoftinc.com/purchase_overview.aspx The official way is windows server 2003 at £300 and then get the Terminal Services CAL's £lots. I think this is more useful than multiseating as you can have up to 5 people off one decent machine. Hope this helps
  9. Alternatives to Win98

    Alternatives to Windows 98. If you are still running windows 98, and you have all the drivers for your current hardware, and you do not play the latest games that require XP, why search for an alternative. Especially when there is a forum like msfn with some of the best talents on the net? If you really want to feel safe in the idea that your machine is being protected by updates then Windows 2000 is a good choice, but you might as well run XP and just turn all the stuff you don't want off, or even consider getting to grips with nlite. There have been a few posts saying that people have tried to run linux and just cant get video to play and its too slow, or windows games/apps don't run. Well to be totally honest most people have a look at the official ubuntu releases, find that lots of things don't work and give up. For those people who like the idea of running linux but really can't be arsed to add codecs, find linux programs, install and configure this and that, there is a version of ubuntu a bit like some of the "FAT" custom windows XP DVDs that are around. What i'm talking is ubuntu ultimate (xmas edition as it was previously called), made by a guy that wanted to include just about everything possible on one DVD images (1.6gb) The version runs as a live cd that you can install to hard disk if you want. If has almost everything working straight away, DVD's play, AVI's (DIVX or whatnot) play fine, etc etc. If you are interested take a look here http://ubuntusoftware.info/xmas.html This edition is based on GNOME, as another user here said its not ideal for a slow machine. If you have a slower machine and want something that performs well, looks nice, has codecs and most programs and fits on a cd-rom give dream linux a try, another VERY good setup http://www.dreamlinux.com.br/english/index.html. But i hear you say, what about my windows apps/games etc? Well for those of you who dont know about it Crossover office http://www.codeweavers.com/ is a commercial application for linux which allows you to run office 2003, half life 2 and a huge selection of windows programs under linux. Its not perfect but is a lot easier to use and get things working than wine. For those mac people out there, there is a mac version of crossover for x86 versions of mac os, which allows you to run windows apps/games too, office 2003, half life 2 just like the linux version (finally able to use outlook instead of entourage, YAY!) Sorry about the long post i was bored. Tom
  10. XP Gamer Edition 3

    XP Gamer Edition 3 is a not an official release from Microsoft, many files have been tweaked and quite a few windows elements have been removed. Often simply burning the download (which is an iso cd image) at a slower speed ie 8x may help. Otherwise there is no way to tell what is wrong. Please note that this edition of XP is not legal UNLESS you have your own legitimate xp licence for a copy of xp you have never installed and you must change the integrated (pirate / illegal) key to your own. @dirtwarrier XP Gamer Edition 3 is a nlited and modified XP, only warez when not used with a valid xp key, not everyone has the ability to use Nlite, BTS Driverpacks and other unattended tools Tom
  11. DriverPack Graphics A V6.02.1

    Firstly thank you for another excellent release, I have one problem, i am using a geforce 6800 go and in all previous versions including 6.01 i have had driver support for my geforce, however 6.02 does not have support for it. Again thank you Bâshrat the Sneaky