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  1. 1mb = 125kb/s. So your absolute max in a perfect world would be 125kb/s, so 100kb/s is about right considering you can never get the full max.
  2. That's what I was thinking as far as continuity. And you did make a good point about the Mac -> BSD connection. As long as it's as stable as the real thing I'll be fine with it.
  3. We are starting a music and graphic design company that will be based largely around the Mac software platform. Me being the "IT" guy I said, well... what about the server end of the system. Most, if not all, of my knowledge is in the Windows and Linux end of the server. I want to know how Apple XServer stacks up against Windows and Linux based backbones of the server. The reason for this as a query is, like I sated above, because of the fact 90% of the computer that will be in our building will be running OSX. I looked at is as a valid point from a unification standpoint. But I want to know if anyone has any experience with XServer first hand. I am just now learning the basics of OSX to be able to give decent support when needed to customers and other employees when needed. If you do have experience with it, how stable is it comparatively to other server alternatives? I don't have any specifics on much else as we are still in the planning stages of what we will actually need as far as network hardware is concerned. As I said, most of the people involved would prefer Apple hardware throughout, but me being a Linux nut shut it down as a biased response, kind of like my response was to their statement. One last thing, the monetary aspect should not be used as a deciding factor alone. Though if the pros are in the favor of Linux, it can be an added incentive.
  4. If you can get into windows or any of the PE versions, fix your boot.ini file so it points to the windows installation. I had this problem once and used a floppy with tons of boot files and I just went through them till I found one that works.
  5. I was never a fan of running benchmark programs or holding memtest to the holy grail of performance tests. When you put the different ram in and it seems to be testing fine, run some memory intensive software or games if you have them. Regardless of how stable some software tells you your system is, real world tests are far better.
  6. http://www.google.com/search?num=30&hl...amp;btnG=Search
  7. I mostly do graphic design and have two 19" monitors 4x3 aspect ratio and find it great. But I really didn't have a problem with one 4x3 and I find the 16x9 monitors don't really fit that well on my desktops and look kind of awkward when matched up to extend the desktop. You might be able to make a case for 16x9 monitors if you watch movies, but I really don't know anyone with a tv/dvd player that sit in front of a desktop and watch movies on a moniter -HD monitors are a different subject-. I don't play any games at all so I really can't comment on that argument.
  8. You first have to have the computers networked, run the windows network setup wizard. Then to test the network, go to run and type //then the name of the computer you are trying to connect to. The name can be found in system properties under the computer name tab. Then once the network is working and you are able to see the network shares on the other computer, you are ready to run the add new printer wizard and have it search for a network printer. Alternatively I think you can right click the printer when you are viewing it from the network share and have it connect and add it to the other computers printers list.
  9. Couldn't you add a signature to the email client for all outbound messages and just put the HTML code for the graphic to display as liked from the website?
  10. Thought I might contribute after a few months of just looking. YZ dock and Desktop List View are the only additions beyond the Windows Classic theme. I use an LCD monitor on the left and an older CRT on the right for non web page viewing, that's why there is such a color difference.
  11. Thanks prank, gonna try it out in the morning.
  12. How were you able to get your desktop items like that prankst3r?
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I downloaded WPI at one point but never tried it because I thought it was for unattended windows cd's, so I'll further investigate that and also take a look at auto play media studio. Sure a text file would be fine, but I wanted something a little more "professional" looking.
  14. I have a decent collection of freeware applications that I use for maintenance on other computers. At the moment they are all in sub subfolders by category. This is fine for when I use it, but non tech savvy relatives and clients would have a difficult time knowing what to install and what it actually does. What would be optimal for this program to do is create an autorun menu that lists the programs by category as a header, then have the programs under that, then have a small description when you hover over it with the mouse. That last part is optional but might help to distinguish programs that do the same thing but have small variances between them. It would then run the designated executable file. Is there some program that would help me do this, or would HTML be a better option if no program exists? Thanks -Dan.

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