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  1. START often needs a "title" to work:


    If there is a space in the path to the command, it must be enclosed in double quotes.

    Check if userprofile is defined


    START "Window Title" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\some.exe"


    Just a small correction

    If I were to follow the START syntax correctly shouldn't it be

    START "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" some.exe /h

    (with a space between the path and exe)

  2. Thanks jaclaz. :thumbup

    Adding "title" did the trick.

    I can use just one line in the batch file for my job (to make things more simpler) :)

    START "" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\some.exe"

    The following combinations of double quotes also work

    START "" "%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\some.exe

    START "" "%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\some.exe"

    START "" "%USERPROFILE%""\Desktop\some.exe"


    I wanted to use START command and not just


    (which would also run some.exe), because I wanted the cmd window to close automatically after it had opened some.exe, which is not possible without START command.

  3. I am trying to run a simple batch file where I would use it to run another exe.

    START %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\some.exe

    This doesn't work. I get the error "Windows cannot find "C:\Documents'. Make sure you types the name correctly........"

    I guess this is because there are spaces in "Documents and Settings".

    I tried

    START "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\some.exe"

    This doesn't work either. It opens command prompt and stays as it is.

    I tried

    START "%USERPROFILE%"\Desktop\some.exe

    This doesn't work either. It opens command prompt and stays as it is.

    Wherever there is space in the path to exe, START command doesn't work (ex. %PROGRAMFILES%, %CD%, %TEMP%, etc)

    What could be wrong?

  4. I have an Acer T180 Desktop.

    It has a pair of PC2-5300 (DDR2-667) , 512MB RAM.

    Recently I happened to check the DRAM frequency with CPU-Z. It showed a DRAM frequency of 191.8 MHz (both in Single channel as well as Dual channel mode). How to rectify this?

    Below are the screenshots.

    Single Channel Mode



    Dual Channel Mode



  5. The desktop wallpaper appears immediately but the icons and taskbar take a lot of time to appear. Seems some problem with explorer.exe. If I bring up the task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) while its with only the wallpaper and then create a new task as "explorer.exe" then the icons and taskbar appear.

    (I have no programs at startup, all junk/temp files are always cleaned, ran all spyware/AV, Hijackthis doesn't show any threats)

  6. As said, you need to actually read and understand the basioc troubleshooting steps in the given links:


    I read everything, but nothing in there states that could solve my problem.

    First thing you need to have a valid TCP/IP settings, (each computer should be able to ping each other), then you need to see what protocols you enable and set them properly.

    Start from a SIMPLE setup.

    Check, if any, the router TCP/IP settings.

    Disable it's DHCP.

    Use a "narrow" SUBNET MASK, like on ALL devices.

    Use a "normal" intranet set of addresses, like,,, etc.

    Forget for teh moment about DNS and Gateways.

    As I said earlier, the only two devices that I have are the unmanaged ethernet switch and the cable modem (given by the ISP). My connection is Cable Modem-->Unmanaged Ethernet Switch-->Computers(1 & 2)

    And there is nothing to setup in these two devices. There are no options (unlike a web interface setup of a router). The cable modem has a web interface but it contains only information. There is nothing to setup. (I can provide screenshots if required)

    The ethernet swtich doesn't even have any web interface (coz its unmanaged).

    The only place to setup anything is the Windows XP Network Connections.

    I tried manually setting up IP Address and Subnet Mask in TCP/IP settings in both the computers. This enabled network between the two computers. I was able to do file & printer sharing. BUT this setup disconnected my internet connection. I get internet connection only if I select "Obtain an IP address automatically"

  7. I have the Allied Telesis AT-FS705LE (10/100TX x 5 ports unmanaged Fast Ethernet switch w/external power supply unit)


    This switch is connected to my Cable Modem. There is no router at all.

    There is nothing/no options to configure (neither in the Switch nor in the Cable Modem). Everything is automatic Plug & Play kind.

    I can ping one computer from the other using their IP Addresses.

  8. right click the NIC --> properties

    click on TCP/IP --> properties

    set all your stuff manually.

    Your cable router is probably smart enough to not hand out a second address without inserting money, so if your switch is not managed you may want to consider a cheap router to do all the Private NAT automatically for you.

    If they were both automatic and the cable router was playing ball, they would have received the same subnet and an IP within the scope (and your commands may have had an affect)

    I tried that.

    On "Computer#1", right click "My Network Places"-->Right Click "Local Area Connection"-->Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)-->Properties-->Use the following IP address: = Kept the IP Address unchanged, Changed the Subnet Mask as in "Computer#2", Kept the Default Gateway unchanged.

    Left the option "Obtain DNS server address automatically" checked.

    Unfortunately after this there was no internet connection at all on "Computer#1"

  9. Do you have a Firewall installed on the PCs? Are they members of the same Workgroup? :wacko:

    I don't have any additional firewall, only the Default Windows Firewall.

    Both the computers are in the same Workgroup called "MYGROUP".

    Now if I am on "Computer#1" and navigate to "My Network Places-->Entire Network-->Microsoft Windows Network-->MYGROUP" I can only see "Computer#1".

    If I do a computer search it doesn't return "Computer#2".

    If I try "\\MYGROUP\Computer#2" it fails to access "Computer#2"

    (Similar is the case with "Computer#2")

    I can ping ""Computer#2" from "Computer#1" and vice versa using their IP Addresses.

    IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway are all different for both the computers.

    DHCP Server, DNS Servers are same for both the computers.

    Is that how its supposed to be?

  10. I have two computers connected through a "Allied Telesis" Ethernet Switch, which in turn is connected to the Cable internet.

    I have tried hundred times to setup a network between them using the "Network Setup Wizard", but the two computers don't show up in Network Neighborhood. I have enabled "Simple File Sharing" and "Allow Printer & File Sharing".

    Each computer shows only itself in its "Network Neighborhood".

    What do I do?

  11. The following worked.

    Goto Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs.

    On the left side Click Add/Remove Windows Components.

    Select Networking Services. Click on the Details button.

    Remove the checkmark for the UPnP User Interface, then click OK. Then click Next.


    BTW, anyone knows where are the entries under Taskbar --> Properties --> Hide Inactive Icons --> Customize --> Past Items located?

    Some of the items are still there when I have uninstalled those programs long before.

  12. Let me give some more info that happens in my case. Is it normal?

    1) Using Cable Modem+DI-514 Router

    Case I - DI-514 Router as a Switch

    (i) IP as seen from websites such as displayip.net --> Different IP in both PCs (IPAddress 1, IPAddress 2)

    (ii) IP as seen from ipconfig /all - Different IP in both PCs (IPAddress 1, IPAddress 2)

    Case II - DI-514 Router as Router

    (i) IP as seen from websites such as displayip.net --> Same IP in both PCs (IPAddress 1)

    (ii) IP as seen from ipconfig /all --> Different IP in both PCs (IPAddress 2, IPAddress 3)

    2) Using Cable Modem+Applied Telesyn AT-FS705LE Ethernet Switch

    (i) IP as seen from websites such as displayip.net --> Different IP in both PCs (IPAddress 1, IPAddress 2)

    (ii) IP as seen from ipconfig /all --> Different IP in both PCs (IPAddress 1, IPAddress 2)

  13. Different IPs as seen from the computers or as seen from the Internet?

    Different IPs as seen by the internet (outside world).

    One more thing. I can know the IP of the machines as seen by the internet only by going to websites like whatismyip.com, displayip.net, etc. I thought "ipconfig /all" gives all the info about IP address. Why is it different?

  14. Correction...

    There are five ethernet outputs on the DI-514. One WAN port and four non-WAN ports


    I tried connecting the ethernet cable from "Cable Modem" to the DI-514 router at

    1) WAN port --> same IP in the two PCs

    2) One of the other four ports --> different IP in the two PCs

    The two PC's are always connected to two of the four non-WAN ports.

    Can I someway have different IPs with case #1? It would help me connect another Laptop and at the same time have different IPs in all machines.

  15. Basically I look at the router as well as the ethernet switch as a internet connection splitter (in layman terms).

    The Cable Modem has only one ethernet outlet. So to connect the two PCs I initially used the ethernet switch. This gave me different IP in the two PC's (I am not sure how). I need different IP in the two PCs for a specific reason.

    Few days back I had to give the ethernet switch to a friend. I had the Dlink router at home. So I connected that in place of the router. Unfortunately now I get the same IP in both the PC's

  16. I have two PC's connected using DLink DI-514 wireless router. Currently both the PC's are Wired.

    The router in turn is connected to the Cable Modem.

    Cable Modem --> DLink DI-514 --> PC1 , PC2 (same IP in PC1, PC2)

    But I get the same IP address in both the PC's. How can I configure the router to give different IP's to the two PC's.

    [i have another Allied Telesis (AT-FS705LE) Ethernet switch. If I connect that in place of the DLink DI-514, I get different IP in the two PC's.

    Cable Modem --> Allied Telesis (AT-FS705LE) --> PC1 , PC2 (different IP in PC1, PC2) ]

    All the settings in DLink DI-514 are here http://support.dlink.com/emulators/di514_revb/h_wizard.html

  17. Whenever I enter a series of hyphens or minus signs (--------------------) and press Enter, the hyphens/minuses get converted to a straight line. This line is impossible to delete.

    Similarly whenever I enter a series of asterisks (***************) and press Enter, the asterisks get converted to a dotted straight line. This line is again impossible to delete.

    How do I prevent WORD from doing this?

  18. I actually meant "change" by the word "renew" in my statements in the first post.

    But I guess they are not the same.

    Who decides or how is the lease time decided? Is the lease time the same one that I see when I execute "ipconfig -all"?

    If there is a lease time kind of thing, then could the IP be changed using the command before the lease time expires.

    I also read that there is pool of IP addresses assigned to a client from DHCP and it may be exhausted. So what happens then? Does it cycle from the pool if IP addresses or it remains "stuck" at the final IP address?

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