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  1. firefox 0.9 howto

    I download the zipped version and extract them in $Progs$/Mozilla Firefox. That way, it is setup already and don't have to worry about wasting time installing it. Same goes for Thunderbird.
  2. Pictures in Wallpaper list missing

    Hi all. A strange problem has surfaced on the week-end and I am not sure how this has really happened. When I go into the Desktop Properties to select a wallpaper, only BMP files can be seen. I went into the C:\windows\web\wallpaper\, all the pictures that came with my XP Pro are there as well as mine own imported pictures. I can right click the picture in the folder to "Set as Desktop Background", but in the Display Properties, I could go to Browse to the above folder to get to my favourite wallpaper which is a JPG file, it does not get applied in the preview neither did it gets added to the list. What would be wrong?
  3. Limited User Account

    When you create user accounts via the command prompt, XP creates limited users by default. That is why you need: net localgroup Administrators username /add Simply leave the above codeline out when creating user accounts.
  4. Is LANG needed to be available on CD for XP to install Language support? If I want just the English language, do I delete the folder?
  5. How to enable Guest Account

    But this is on my home machine. I use unattended installs because I regualarly format and reinstall windows.
  6. Hi all I am wondering how to automatically enable the Guest account. I would like to run this command in the cmdlines.txt at the 13T moment of Windows Setup. Thanks
  7. Copy i386 folder from cd

    Simple. Open two explorer windows, one exploring the Windows CD and the other in a folder you want the file to be copied to. in the Windows CD window, drag the folder called I386 into the other folder. XP will copy the folder and contents to the target folder (you can't delete what is on CD anyway).
  8. XP Home and taskkill.exe

    If you put any program in System32\ you don't need to type in the full path just the name of the program you want to use (in this case, pskill) and you don't need the .exe at the end of pskill. Just type like this: pskill appnameWindows will automatically look in your system32 folder for the pskill program.
  9. "Start" problem

    your welcome. To enable the list, import this hack: ;Disable Frequently used programs list[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]"NoStartMenuMFUprogramsList"=dword:00000000Basically replace the 1 at the end of the code with another 0.
  10. "Start" problem

    Your talking about the Frequently used programs list? If so, you must have implemented a registry hack that disables it. This is what controls the FMU list: ;Disable Frequently used programs list[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]"NoStartMenuMFUprogramsList"=dword:00000001
  11. $Progs or $Progs$

    $Prog is the correct variable to use.
  12. Adding users to group problem

    deregard my post. I thought you missed something.
  13. WinZip silent doesn't work

    I haven't yet done the runonceex.cmd method yet but I think I can see why. Maybe remove the EXIT from the install.cmd file
  14. Simple Question

    Is it possible to create custom variables like for my desktop %desktop% and %downloads% for my downloads drive?
  15. "Unattended" Windows CD

    You mean to only to include the winnt.sif file and no other programs to install. Yes this is possible. All you have to do is delete the line under [GuiRunOnce]. I am not sure but there might be more lines to delete.