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  1. Hello every one… I recently format my HD by mistake, now I need to restore my data form one of the partitions that was on my HD. So I am searching for software that will restore my HD. Any idea? Thanks, Lior.
  2. Problems with my bat file...

    Of thanks, But form where I can download WinZip network version? Thanks, Lior.
  3. Problems with my bat file...

    No i didne't try another installation of WinZip... but i don't think that the problem is on the installer....
  4. Hi! The situation like that, Every time that I install my system I am using 2 disks: - Windows XP SP2 Silent installation disk - Windows XP Hebrew Language Interface I found that disk1 (XP Install disk) is 585MB and disk2 (XP Interface) is 100+MB. My gold is to combine the too.. I want that the interface will be included in the installation disk.. That the Interface will be automatically installed with the XP. How can I do that? Thanks, Lior.
  5. Problems with my bat file...

    Another Problem (Office2003 Interface): I have a silent installation of the office 2003, but I am also installing a Language interface, My question is how can I do an silent installation for my language interface of office 2003? B.T.W The "Ad-Aware SE Professional" problem was fix by the switch /s. So thanks bucketbuster.
  6. Hi everyone I have create a bat file that install a number of software's… But I don't know why, I have several problems with that. Problem 1: (Program: WinZip) Bat command for install WinZip: echo Installing WinZip echo. echo Please wait... echo. cd "Winzip" start "winzip32.exe" /noqp /autoinstall echo Cleaning Up... Please Wait del "%allusersprofile%\start menu\WinZip.lnk" del "%allusersprofile%\desktop\WinZip.lnk" del "%allusersprofile%\start menu\Programs\WinZip\Uninstall WinZip.lnk" del "%allusersprofile%\start menu\Programs\WinZip\Help Manual.lnk" del "%allusersprofile%\start menu\Programs\WinZip\ReadMe.txt.lnk" del "%allusersprofile%\start menu\Programs\WinZip\What's New.lnk" regedit /s registerwinzip.reg cd .. The problem is that when I try to uninstall WinZip, the computer wants to delete the installation files form the cd… and not form "C:\Program Files\Winzip\". How come? Problem 2: (Program: Lava soft Ad-Aware SE Professional) How can I create an silent installation to "Lava soft Ad-Aware SE Professional"? I have the full version… Waiting for responses, Lior.
  7. Hi! I have built an unattended xp professional disk, Now, I want that the xp will be installed with the service pack 2 instead of the service pack 1. How can I do such a thing? Thanks, Lior.
  8. "Unattended" Windows CD

    Thanks ! it's working great ! Just profect..!!..
  9. "Unattended" Windows CD

    only a few questions .... 1.I have the winnt.sif file... Where to put it? on the cd? 2.I can't find [GuiRunOnce] in the file... And is it possible to delete only the line FullName="User" form [userData], so the setup only ask my name and then continue in the installtion?
  10. Application Switches

  11. Application Switches

    mmmm what can i use except the original file?
  12. Application Switches

    Hi i can't find the Application Switches for: -Icq lite -eMule My additional problems are: 1. I try to install Adobe Reader 6 with the command: start /wait setup.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\"" But the problem that isn't silent.... 2. I have Office XP User Interface and i want to install it in silent mode... How? Thanks, holyone.
  13. Hi i have the CD of Windows XP Pro, if i will add the the cd the "Answer File", Is it work? I am only want to install my xp with out any questions... It will be windows setup + Answer File. Thanks, holyone.
  14. What about the icq? Thanks.
  15. Icq lite

    Can some one please help me? Thanks, holyone.