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  1. So when finishing a vista installation, the setup feels the need to run a performance check on the machine that is time consuming and utterly pointless to me. Does anyone know how to disable this step of the process? Thanks, James
  2. Does nlite use Update.exe from microsoft to slipstream its updates? or how does it replace the signatures on the files after they are updated?
  3. So I have been running this registry command in my setup: [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{540D8A8B-1C3F-4E32-8132-530F6A502090}] @="Language bar" "MenuTextPUI"="@%SystemRoot%\\System32\\msutb.dll,-325" Now I have a user that wants to use it. Does anybody know how to re-enable this setting? I have tried thru Regional Setting with no luck...
  4. Every time i run my WPI install, i recieve an Javascript error reading: Message: The system cannont find the fun specified. URL: file://D:\WPI\WPI.hta File: genreate.js Line: 259 I checked the location on my XP disk, and the file is there so i dont know. Any ideas? Thanks

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