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  1. Drive Image 7 Error

    Once i select Drive Image 7 from a multiboot cd, that has other versions of PE on it (Drive Image 7's bootable cd runs on windowsPE) like regular PE and ERD 2003, it starts to load and I get: Starting Powerquest Recovery Environment with a windows pe progress bar. It gets 55-60% done loading and then i get the following error: File txtsetup.oem caused an unexpected error (18) at line 1742 in d:\xpsp1\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c. Press any key to continue. after pressing a key i get this message at the bottom of the screen Setup failed. Press any key to restart your computer. after pressing a key it reboots my machine Powerquest says to try re-burning the cd if it was created from an iso. I tried recreating my multiboot iso with files off the original Drive Image cd/iso with no luck, and the original Drive Image cd/iso works fine...
  2. I know what PE is and how it works, Im just curious to what people use PE for and what apps they use on it (what apps work on it)
  3. Incoming call disconnects modem

    disable call waiting..... *70 where i live
  4. Is there a limit to the size of the image that i can emulate? how would i go about creating an image over 2.88mb?
  5. No need fot a tutorial, i get it..... I actually went through EVERY FREAKING PAGE of this 22 page topic, and stripped out your main posts (i found 7 posts) and made a doc file, gosh, if you havent already started a tutorial, you should at least open a new thread with the instructions, instead of having them spread around 22 pages of alot of bs. btw We all really appreciate your work! Where the hell did you learn all this stuff from?
  6. Gosh, I was looking at your post on page 4, and notticed a few IMG/IMA files in your directory listing, are you able to boot from these image files from the cd menu?
  7. well, that makes me feel like a retard, because for the life of me i cant find somewhere to download it from....... could someone please post a site with cdimage on it?
  8. Where can i get cdimage, cdburn and dvdburn from, or at least who makes them? DaveXP's link is dead, and im not having much luck with google either, since its such a generic name...